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Comprehensive data mining and risk assessment services that integrate digital solutions with knowledge management to enable your team to deliver safe and sustainable products.

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Tailored Innovative Solutions Covering the Life-Cycle of Your Products.

We provide thorough analysis and regulatory support for your products, delivering high-quality hazard assessments, risk assessments, and toxicological reports. Our toxicological services use current regulatory thinking through to next-generation methodologies. Using proprietary digital information tools, we can provide a means to deliver Up-To-Date information and provide insights into your chemical domain knowledge for your specific product area. We care about people and our environment, and our focus is on quality services to help our clients deliver safe and sustainable products.

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Makes Hazard Assessment Process Faster

An American multinational technology company was faced with a growing number of polymers, dyes, pigments, UVCB, and other complex chemicals. The sheer volume of these chemicals involved in the product life cycle resulted in the client needing to perform hazard safety assessments with respect to the environment and human exposure. However, this proved to be a challenge for the client since there was a huge amount of chemicals lined-up for assessments, with most of the chemical’s data scanty.

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We offer a distinct suite of products with careful attention to client-specific agility and seamless integration into existing platforms.

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