Evalueserve to Launch Searchstream

Searchstream is a Breakthrough Intellectual Property Search Platform, Amplified with Domain-Specific AI

In spring of 2022, Evalueserve will launch Searchstream, a breakthrough product that revolutionizes the way we think about conducting intellectual property searches.  

Companies looking to better understand their patent or technological landscape often rely on service providers to perform their patent searches, holding faith that they are always acting in their best interest. This results in searches with incorrect scopes of search, low search recall, and missed data types, often leaving the most important parts of the story left unheard. 

Searchstream’s efficient patent search platform, will enable your business  to select the scope of your search, the number of databases used (promoting a stronger search recall), and the specific data types you would like to have included in your report. In other words, Searchstream puts you in the driver’s seat. 

Patent Search Solutions Available 

Through technological advancement, you’ll be able to order world-class patentability, invalidity, and FTO (Freedom-To-Operate) searches in minutes.  

Patentability/ Novelty Search 

When looking to discover the patentability of your company’s new innovation, Searchstream’s various plans, along with the ability to select the intricate details of your search, will provide you with the exact level of precision your company needs to move forward in their patent process.  

Invalidity/ Opposition Search 

Whether your company is trying research if there are legitimate claims to a technology or looking to find out whether there will be credible opposition to the filing of a patent, the invalidity search function through Searchstream can scour the world’s databases for prior art and literature at the click of a mouse.  

Freedom-To-Operate Search 

If your company is ready to file and needs to run its final check through granted, and existing patents, Searchstream makes the process of ordering the most complex FTO patent searches, as streamlined as possible. Through Evalueserve’s 20+ years of IP and R&D experience, we have perfected the process of conducting these searches to deliver the highest quality reports with industry-shattering turnaround times.  

Why Use Searchstream? 

“Searchstream maximizes the power of AI to offer searches based on years of perfected methodology,” Justin Delfino, global business lead for Intellectual Property and Research & Development at Evalueserve said.  

Capitalizing on the 20+ years of providing world-class IP and R&D insights, worldwide, Evalueserve has developed our own SQI (Search Quality Index) score which has allowed us to grade our own quality of searches and perfect the method for each domain over the years. Combining the experience of our 400+ global IP experts, we have been able to fine-tune our AI capabilities to create the most advanced patent searching method in existence today. 

“Our commitment to quality and knowledgeable teams guides the AI behind Searchstream,” Delfino added. “Soon, all innovation departments that want access to world-class databases to perform rapid searches will be able to use this powerful tool.” 

Evalueserve expects to have Searchstream ready for public use in the spring of 2022. 

Get a Search Proposal in 5 mins with Searchstream

Searchstream provides highly transparent, tightly scoped, legally compliant and timely search proposals.

Cody Viars-Whisinnand
Cody Whisinnand

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