Evalueserve’s new website is online

After our major rebranding last year, we took up the next major project and developed our new and innovative website that shows the whole width of solutions and products we can offer. We took our own mind+machine strategy to heart, and used current website technologies, as well as human logic to develop the site. The heart of our site is the configurator – a search engine whose primary functionality is showing tailored content to visitors.

When creating the site, we sat with a panel of different experts and regular users of our services, to figure out how we can create an experience where website visitors find what interests them without searching for too long. You may know the concept of configurators from online shops, where you can create your own t-shirts or even configure your new car. So we thought – why not apply the same concept for our services? The idea behind the configurator was to offer relevant website content, articles, case studies, and blog posts, so that the browsing experience is optimized and targeted. This also makes our website highly dynamic. As we continue to develop new content, such as case studies and blog articles, the site will constantly change and display the new content to visitors.

You might ask where is the human aspect among all this technology? Is it about the fact that it was built by them?

Not just that! The site was created, developed, tested, and updated by specialists, but we applied the principles of design thinking to understand how the visitor behaves on our site and how we can improve their experience. Identifying and addressing your role, company, industry and other areas of interest are at the core of creating your experience. We hope you enjoy the site and remember to come back! We will continuously develop it and update it with new content.

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Marc Vollenweider
Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Posts

Marc Vollenweider is Chief Strategist, Board Member and Co-founder of Evalueserve. Prior to starting Evalueserve, Marc was with McKinsey & Co for 10 years, including two years as a partner in Switzerland and India. Marc has vast consulting experience in various industries, such as telecom, pharmaceuticals / healthcare, banking, insurance, transportation, and logistics.

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