Handling Data Overload at Zug Innovation Day 2021


Marc Vollenweider, Evalueserve’s director and co-founder, speaks during the workshop.

Zug Innovation Day 2021 was held on September 22, 2021, in Zug, Switzerland, and the theme for this year’s event was “Information Explosion – The Impact!”. Together, Marc Vollenweider, Evalueserve’s director and co-founder, and Thomas Rudback, Evalueserve’s associate vice president, solutions architect, led a workshop on controlling information overload by combining the forces of machines and people.


Marc Vollenweider and Thomas Rudback, Evalueserve’s associate vice president, provided the workshop together.

A variety of topics were covered in the workshop, including:

  • Information overload and its evidence in everyday life
  • Societal impact and the use of data
  • How to handle vast amounts of information
  • The use of human insights to create knowledge from data
  • Processing insights in a matter that enables actionable output and decision-making
  • The future of data and the empowerment of comprehensive solutions


Mr. Vollenweider discussed the excess of collected data and information that is often available to businesses without their having the necessary knowledge on what data is important and what that data means for their strategic decision-making. By referring to actual use cases, Mr. Vollenweider and Mr. Rudback highlighted how input from people with subject matter expertise is required to make the transition from simply being in possession of data to being able to take strategic action based on acquired knowledge.

Evalueserve’s mind + machine approach was developed with this exact purpose in mind, combining best-in-class AI with our analysts’ expertise in their respective fields. With respect to current possibilities and their experience in the field, both Mr. Vollenweider and Mr. Rudback discussed how a future in which machines alone can provide conclusive insights from data is still distant, requiring a combination of AI and human expertise for the time being.

Following the workshop, Mr. Vollenweider also participated on a panel that was asked to provide their opinions on a number of somehow controversial and challenging hypotheses surrounding the topic of information overload and its impact on society.

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