Introducing the Information Adventurers blog

Welcome to the Information Adventurers blog! I’m very happy to be launching this blog, which will be home to thought-provoking and insightful pieces on the intersection between data science and the information needs of IP and R&D teams. Some of my expert colleagues will join me to talk about questions that frequently arise on this fascinating topic. And I hope that you will also join the conversation and share your thoughts on what we discuss.


I’m passionate about improving knowledge processes and data science. As the head of Evalueserve’s IPR&D business, I’m in charge of a large product and solutions innovation group with integrated software development experts, and I constantly strive to better understand the changing needs of information users and providers within the IP and R&D sphere.

As mentioned, the title of the blog is Information Adventurers. That’s because I see how moving through the complex world of data and information in IP or R&D is like venturing high into the mountains or other seemingly uncharted territory – something I greatly enjoy. To successfully navigate our way, we need the right tools and information, the right understanding of acceptable risks in our exploration, and the right spirit of adventure. In the real world, that’s how we safely gain new insights into ourselves. In the information world, that’s how we find insight into innovation whitespaces, licensing opportunities, freedom to operate and more.

To start the adventure, I’d like to address a question that comes up frequently in discussion with clients and colleagues: “what is a good search?”.

It’s a great question, one that underlies so much of what we consider as good navigation of the online information environment. How can we measure the objective quality of a prior art search, a patent or innovation landscape or a freedom to operate investigation? How is one search different from another? Our clients worldwide want to understand it, so I would like to share what we at Evalueserve have learned in our quest to make our searches the best in the market – not just in IP and R&D, but also in domains that might seem unrelated initially, such as equity research in financial services; competitive intelligence for life sciences and healthcare; or rapid research for leading professional services firms.

In the next few posts, I will lay out the fundamentals of what constitutes a high-quality search, sharing our experience from the market but also from our internal R&D. After that, I will invite some of my expert colleagues to share their perspectives on this fascinating first issue. And please do join in – I would love to hear from you and know what you’ve learned on your adventure through the realms of data science.

Be sure to subscribe so you catch every new blog post when it comes out. Our next information adventure will be published on May 15, asking whether it is possible to create an IP and R&D search or intelligence project so good that it is actually perfect.

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Urs Dommann

Urs Dommann, who heads up IP and R&D Solutions at Evalueserve, is passionate about improving knowledge processes and data science to optimize quality in patent search, and is a regular speaker on this topic at IP Service World. Urs and his team created the Information Adventures blog after recognizing that moving through the complex world of data and information in IP or R&D is like venturing high into the mountains or other seemingly uncharted territory – something he loves to do in the Swiss Alps near Zurich where he lives. He’s enjoying using the blog to share theories, insights about IP and R&D, and starting a conversation as a basis of exploring – together with clients – new paths to success.

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