Insightsfirst: Taking You Closer to a Next-Generation Business Model

In the wake of the global pandemic, organizations find themselves hungry for information. While there is a barrage of information available, it comes with a fundamental challenge – of sifting through data mounds to unearth timely and contextual industry, competitive, and customer insights needed to drive smart decisions. Moreover, a majority of organizations rely on syndicated generic reports for niche use cases, which multiply the probability of receiving non-contextual information or missing critical intelligence and updates. Such lacunas have the potential to adversely impact an organization’s business decisions and outcomes.

Furthermore, given the need for cross-team and global collaboration, all teams in an organization need access to a common repository, with one view of information, insights, and data. Decision-makers often use data points provided on multiple dashboards, scorecards, and repositories, to arrive at business decisions. Because of their static nature, these data storehouses lack business context, frameworks, and real-time insights and recommendations, making it extremely difficult for decision-makers to take swift action. Consequently, there is a growing demand for a tool or medium that allows for easy usage and insights generation.

So, the question is: How can enterprises enhance their insights toolkit to not just react effectively to business change but also formulate their success strategy?

This is where Evalueserve’s proprietary Insightsfirst platform comes in. The unique tool empowers organizations by providing the paraphernalia needed to understand rapid changes in market dynamics and industry landscapes, which is triggered by new companies and innovations. It enables companies to change or enhance their plans to quickly address present and future business needs. To learn more about  how Insightsfirst breaks through the limitations of intelligence, click here.  

The platform provides a single version of truth by using a centralized repository, improves collaboration, and offers observations and consequential insights through customized reports, scorecards, and presentations. Its centralized information makes it easier to develop reports and strategies covering immediate and future business requirements.

Insightsfirst also provides self-service and collaboration capabilities. Its innovative user notes and comments section lets users post public / private notes, which they can easily search for later by using the platform’s effective search engine.

All in all, Insightsfirst is an efficient, personalized, and smart platform that can cater to all the intelligence needs of an organization ranging from market intelligence to competitive intelligence.

Key strengths of the platform 

  • Smart—Insightsfirst is powered by an AI engine that evolves both organically and inorganically, which also learns consistently as adoption goes up. Its ‘Ask an Analyst’ feature enables two-way communication between Evalueserve and users, letting them raise a query, ask for additional insights, or initiate a new study.
  • Efficient—Brings insights to decision-makers through smart devices, eliminating the need to refer to multiple dashboards on different platforms.
  • Personalized—A user’s ‘My page’ is based on subscribed content. Strict access control at the user level regulates access to sensitive information (such as personalized recommendations).


Neeraj Bihany
Manager, Digital Platforms Posts
Prateek Mittal
Group Manager, Digital Platforms Posts

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