Why Peel Hunt Partnered with Evalueserve to Transform Equity Research Distribution

In the current competitive market, sell-side firms need a way to differentiate their equity research distribution to set themselves apart from their competitors. For banks to draw in their target audience, they need to go beyond basic document repositories to deliver personalized research and actionable insights that resonate with their audience.

Peel Hunt wanted to do this by creating a unique offering that provided clients with engaging, interactive, concise, and insightful research. They chose to partner with Evalueserve, and we worked together to come up with an innovative solution. 

We configured our AI-powered Insightsfirst research distribution platform to meet the needs of Peel Hunt’s use case. Implementing Insightsfirst provided Peel Hunt with improved efficiency, targeted distribution, personalization, and real-time user analytics for actionable insights.

In this testimonial, Lars Mitchell, Head of Research Publication at Peel Hunt, discusses his experiences and successful partnership with Evalueserve.

Q: Why did you choose Evalueserve?

A: We chose Evalueserve because we were impressed with the size of their development team, their capabilities, the track record that they had, and we also found them very open to innovation and trying out new ideas. For us, that was very important because we were trying to create a portal that was highly differentiated and offered our users something that went beyond a simple document repository and gave them a reason to come from the aggregators like Bloomberg and visit us.

Q: What have you been able to achieve?

A: We were able to integrate across three separate vendors and employ our own APIs here at Peel Hunt to create, basically, a feature- and data-rich portal experience. We also have high levels of access to a significant amount of curated data, and what that allows us to do is to scale and iterate quite quickly.

We found that very beneficial in creating various components within the portal itself. It's quite easy for me to iterate, update, create new exhibits on the fly, if you will, and quickly deploy those on the portal. So, for example, we were able to work with the Evalueserve dev and design teams very closely to be able to bring to production our first AI product within a matter of weeks.

It was very quick, and we're currently working with them to bring our second feature live, and we imagine that that should take about a quarter from the incubation of the idea itself.

Q: Would you recommend Evalueserve?

A: I think it's very important to differentiate in terms of your own research portal. Having a simple document repository is simply not enough in today's world. I think it's very important to have a feature-filled experience that draws clients to your portal to give them access to information and data that they would not normally be able to access easily.

With Evalueserve, we found that we have a very flexible and competent partner who has been able to work with us to create something that I feel is a bit unique on the market. It has its own features that allow us to create that experience for our users when they come and visit our portal, which isn't just necessarily reading a report; it's the ability to understand the data surrounding the company, the sector, access multimedia, use artificial intelligence to query, and then a few more pieces that we're hoping to achieve as well is to have real-time conversation with analysts, too.

So overall, I think that our experience with Evalueserve has been an excellent one, and I would recommend them to anybody.

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