Putting cognitive technologies to work

Cognitive technology is the next big cost saving initiative in the world of procurement, which is moving towards data driven solutions. It is being implemented in various industry verticals and horizontals, which comes to the aid of procurement professionals looking to improve their current processes and approaches, towards redefining the future of procurement.

We have taken a look at various cognitive solutions that are being implemented across industries and how they constructively evolve the overall maturity of the procurement organizations. The infographic below details these  industries we have covered and their specific applications. If you would like to read the full article, please follow the link at the end of the infographic or click here.


Download the full article here.

Harkirat Singh Sangha
Group Manager, Corporates and Professional Services Posts

Harkirat Singh Sangha manages Evalueserve’s procurement intelligence operations. He is an expert in digitization, spend intelligence, market intelligence, supplier intelligence, advanced analytics in procurement, and category strategy development. His core areas of work include building innovative solutions in procurement to support clients boost productivity and reduce cost through digitization.
Analytics is now a highly developed business enabler, and the time is ripe for Fortune 500 companies to adopt it to improve the way they function, right from the grassroots to the top level. Harkirat supports such change in organizations by implementing analytics-based decision models that help take the right decisions, backed by facts and insights.

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