Sector Intelligence and its Importance for Professional Services Firms

Sector intelligence, by definition, refers to analyzing a large group of companies operating similar businesses, to gain insights into economic trends and patterns affecting them.

Our sector-focused Insightsfirst CI program is a customizable AI solution that delivers precise and timely sector intelligence to help PS firms strategize and accurately execute account development efforts. One might wonder, isn't that just competitive intelligence? Well, not quite. While traditional CI programs track specific competitors, a sector-focused CI program takes a broader approach and keeps us abreast of entire industry landscapes.

Key differences between traditional and sector-focused CI

CI - Competitive Intelligence Program to track your competitors
Sector focused CI – Sector focused Competitive Intelligence Program to track your client’s sector/industry
Provides a full picture of your industry and competitors to remain competitive in the industry and stay ahead of the curve
Provides a full picture of your client’s industry to help sell your expertise to the companies and make them key recommendations
Target Audience / Data Consumers
Business development & strategy teams, Marketing & Sales team, CI team
Sector, account, or practice leads
Tracks limited number of competitors

(Example – A Tier 1 Management Consulting Company would like to track its competitors in Tier 1 and Tier 2 brackets of Management Consulting, Strategy Consulting, Audit & Advisory Firms etc.)
Tracks a large group of companies engaged in similar principal business operations, which are identified/grouped into sectors

(Example – a TMT practice lead from management consulting organization would like to track the leading 50/80/100 players in the TMT space along with sector developments)
Datapoints Covered
1. Key competitor developments including investments, new product launches, company strategy and performance, marketing initiatives

2. Marketing Content Analysis through thought leadership published by different competitors

3. Social media monitoring of your competitors
1. Key sector developments tracked through a large group of companies to assess performance trends, market sentiments, sector trends, disruptors, and regulations

2. Sector specific thought leadership by sector experts, consultant, partners, and C-Suite to provide sector overview and insights
Insights Delivered
1. Competitive benchmarking on key KPIs like top investment areas, marketing activities, strategy & performance, M&As etc.

2. Whitespace analysis to benchmark your marketing content

3. Emerging Trend Analytics
1. Sector Insights and Trends Analysis

2. Top players and disruptors in the sector

3. Deep dive sector reports

Now that we know the difference between the two approaches to CI, let's delve into how sector-focused CI programs can empower sector and practice heads across PS firms by enabling them to offer.

1. Sector focused expertise and credible insights: Sector-focused CI programs allow PS firms to establish themselves as experts in their respective industries. By demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, firms can gain credibility and trust to position themselves as valued advisors.

The following graph from our sector-focused CI program shows trends related to 5G, digital transformation, and ESG, which impacted the TMT sector during a six-month period. The single graph represents many aspects, including sector growth, cyclical patterns, and seasonal demand fluctuations.

(1) Industry Trend Analysis

2. Sector focused strategic guidance and recommendations: Sector-focused CI programs empower PS firms to provide strategic guidance that extends beyond competitor analysis. By evaluating the broader industry landscape, firms can anticipate emerging trends, identify potential disruptions, and advise clients on how to adapt and thrive in an evolving market. The forward-thinking approach has the ability to position PS firms as strategic partners that can help achieve long-term success.

3. Sector focused tailored solutions and value-added insights: Sector-focused CI programs enable PS firms to customize their services and recommendations to the specific needs and challenges of clients. With these programs, PS firms can understand their clients’ industry position, competitive landscape, and identify potential growth opportunities to provide value-added insights that go beyond generic competitor analysis as well as demonstrate their expertise and commitment to their clients’ success.

Sector-focused CI programs can cover key metrics (as illustrated below) to help dive into sub-sector-wise granularity and generate comparative landscape analyses. Such analyses equip sector or practice heads to make informed decisions while offering consulting services.

(2) Competitive Landscape Analysis

Evalueserve’s Insightsfirst CI program harnesses advanced AI and NLP technology to tap into a vast pool of 200,000+ global and regional data sources. It equips account heads with industry-specific data, sector insights, and trend analysis; identifies sector disrupters; and deep dives sector reports so that they can help businesses make informed decisions.

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