Algorithm picks most successful US CMOs in 2015

Business Insider recently ran an interesting post on this topic based on the results published from an algorithm by ExecRank. The featured CMOs come from a variety of industries, such as media, technology, retail, and industrial as well as consumer goods. There is also a good mix of B2B and B2C companies.

Here are the top five CMOs from this list of 15:

  1. Kelly Bennett, chief marketing officer at Netflix
  2. Philip Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple
  3. Andrew Sherrard, chief marketing officer and executive vice president at T-Mobile US
  4. John Slusher, executive vice president of global sports marketing at Nike
  5. Karen Walker, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Cisco

According to Business Insider, “The algorithm assesses measures such as experience in the executive role, business results during their tenure, board member appointments, company earnings per share growth this year, and industry/professional reputation.”

It was very gratifying to see that some of Evalueserve’s Fortune 100 corporate clients, who we provide a variety of marketing-related support services to, are part of this list of 15 companies. (Note: Sorry, I unfortunately cannot call out specific clients, because of the NDAs we have signed with them.) Evalueserve also supports CMO’s organizations of other equally well-known competitors of some of the companies featured on this list.

Evalueserve’s marketing-related research services encompass a wide variety of offerings such as our market analysis and competitive intelligence services and our analytics solutions for marketing departments.

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Mahesh Bhatia
Managing Director, Corporates and Professional Services Posts

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