The Need of the hour: Faster, more accurate deal sourcing technology

AI Driven Integrated Deal Sourcing Technology

In a landscape characterized by limited opportunities, a surplus of capital, and a surge in investment firms, staying ahead of the curve demands more than just intuition. It requires a technological edge that can swiftly and accurately pinpoint the right deals. Amidst the evolving trends in the financial realm, one constant remains: the crucial art of deal sourcing.

Sourcing the right opportunities can define a firm’s success. The art of quick assessment of companies is what differentiates the leaders. The successful firms are ahead of the curve through an accelerated yet diligent scan of the screening results.

Timing is everything. A meticulously curated watchlist ensures that you strike when the iron is hot. Deals may not be ripe for discussion or investment at first glance, but astute tracking ensures you're ready when they are.

The ideal deal sourcing technology

The perfect tool for investment firms marries precise sector mapping with extensive screening capabilities. It offers comprehensive coverage, particularly in specialized niches, and swiftly provides a comprehensive view of potential companies for accelerated assessments.

The Quest for Excellence

Several contenders have stepped up to this ambitious task, gaining traction, albeit with limited relevance. The challenge? Private firm data lacks the sophistication required for technology to work its magic.

This is where AI-powered automation features and capabilities, such as monitoring and aggregating news, summarizing, classifying, generating alerts, and newsletters, come into play. By employing these advanced technologies, our technology ensures accuracy and relevance in deal sourcing.

A new approach: Technology accelerators across the deal lifecycle

Evalueserve works with leading private capital firms on every step of the deal lifecycle, offering research and analytics support to drive accelerated deal sourcing, deep-dive industry analysis, due diligence, portfolio monitoring, PortCo strategy support.

Our expert research professionals know how to create significant impact through technology because we start with their specific use cases and workflows. We identify key opportunities for automation and piece together a solution for your use case. We have pre-built accelerators for all types of research tasks, from sifting through news articles, summarizing reports, sentiment analysis, and more. Our experts plug these automation and AI modules into key areas of our solution to help you stay on top of the latest trends, identify valuable opportunities, and shape your investment strategy.

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Jatin Chawla
Associate Director, Private Equity Solution Posts

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