Update on M&A Trends and Outlook

The team at Evalueserve, a provider of banking and advisory support services, is back with another iteration of our M&A Recovery Report, covering 10 Major M&A markets, as we move through 2022. M&A recovery in 2022 took a drastic downward turn from the blockbuster start witnessed in the previous quarter on the back of growing concerns of a global economic slowdown.

We observed adverse impact on global economic growth caused due to the prolonged Russia – Ukraine conflict and continued supply side disruptions driven by multiple lockdowns in China. As per Evalueserve M&A Recovery Index (EMARI) South Korea, India, Canada, US, UK and Japan have shown significant decline in recovery since our last update.

The EMARI covers three key recovery scenarios – Global Recovery, Economic Recovery, and Deal Recovery. It covers 10 countries and each country is benchmarked on pre-and post-COVID parameters to derive the recovery score.

A prolonged Russia – Ukraine conflict, coupled with China led supply chain disruptions continue to pose global economic headwinds including oil and commodity driven inflationary pressures, tighter monetary environment in developed economies and supply led employment and business challenges.

Growing concerns of economic slowdown in developed economies is negatively impacting trade in developing economies, and in turn posing a threat of a global economic crisis.

Read our report to find out deeper insights on M&A Trends and Outlook in September 2022.

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Nishant is the delivery lead for Evalueserve’s Corporate and Investment Banking LoB.

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