Walter Paredes Escobar: My Journey with Evalueserve



Joining Evalueserve was the best decision I could make. The company gave me the opportunity to strengthen my professional career working with top clients on diverse industries globally, but most importantly creating and sharing experiences with excellent people.


Key Moments

  • Joined Evalueserve in May 2017 as a Project Manager
  • Helped build the Web Development practice in the Chile Center
  • Promoted to Associate Vice President, Data Analytics team in 2021


Why I Joined

When I joined Evalueserve the environment appealed to me. I could grow management skills such as team development, process improvement, and client engagement among others.

When Antoine Klomp from the Chile HR team called about the Evalueserve Project Manager role, I was about to say yes to another company based in Santiago. I met Francisco Dagnino, who explained what he was trying to build. After speaking to Francisco, I thought “this is definitely the place I want to work.”

I was born and raised in the Valparaíso region where our Chile center is located.  My family, friends and hobbies are here, and I always dreamed of moving back to the region after a long period of living in the capital city of Santiago. I had too many good reasons to accept the offer. My journey with Evalueserve started in May 2017.


The Journey

We began building a whole new practice for the Chile Data Analytics team, mostly focused on web-based solutions. Initially, we were only three team members, but very quickly the team grew. We evolved year by year to get up to our current 27-person team of professionals. Together, we executed multiple projects from customized interactive visualizations to developing sophisticated web tools such as price simulators or cost modelling tools.

During my 15 years in the workforce, I’ve always been engaged on technology projects and Evalueserve has been the right place for me to keep growing. I started working as a junior programmer on a global consultancy company based in Santiago, then moved to a very fulfilling experience working for more than seven years in the public sector as senior developer and project manager. My last experience before joining Evalueserve was within a small international startup as a delivery manager.

What I value the most about my Evalueserve experience is the exposure to new challenges. They always ask our teams to go beyond our comfort zone, listening to market trends on technology and delivering solutions that add great value to our clients, ultimately helping them to make a difference. All this happened, in parallel to my professional and personal growth, working side by side with a phenomenal group of people. These elements combined have made my time within Evalueserve a truly remarkable and life changing experience.


Parting Thoughts

If you are ready to take ownership of your career development and take a couple steps forward, Evalueserve is a great place to work. Gaining exposure to project work with top names in each industry, while having space to collaborate with excellent professionals with a multicultural and diverse mindset makes Evalueserve an ideal space to grow.

  • Designation: Associate Vice President
  • Location: Viña del Mar, Chile
  • Education: Master’s degree in Information Technology and Project Management, The University of Sydney, Australia
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