Winners: Best lead generation tool B2B Marketing Expo

We recently launched our Sales Intelligence tool and took it to the B2B Marketing and Sales Innovation Expo in London (11-12 May 2016). Out of more than a hundred exhibitors and 15 nominees, we were chosen as the winner of the award for the Best Lead Generation Tool, and were also amongst the 8 nominees for the Sales Productivity Product/Service award. A great honor given the strong competition from best-in-class vendors present at the expo – and proof that our mind+machine™ concept works!

In Sales and Marketing, most vendors provide machine-only solutions: a clever software, interactive dashboards, intelligent macros and crawlers. While these are useful, many users do not have the time to validate data or filter the noise. Sales reps have so much more help from technology nowadays as compared to 10 or 15 years ago, but the sheer volume of data has increased manifold, while the timeframe for jumping on a sales opportunity has decreased. With the Sales Intelligence tool, we are filling a gap, and the jury honored this with the award. Our tool combines all the advantages of technology with the intelligence of the human mind, which make the results that we push to our client’s sales teams so powerful. Our Sales Intelligence platform provides sales reps with a continued flow of trigger-based, qualified, and targeted sales leads, and also provides custom analysis and insights which helps them to scope opportunities faster and prepare for meetings more efficiently. We have for example developed a revenue of 6 million USD for a telecommunications client in less than a year, and we have identified opportunities worth 150 million EUR for a manufacturing company with the help of our Sales Intelligence tool.

While most sales and marketing tools help with data collection and do some basic sorting, they are not clever enough to verify the data points with the same quality as a human mind would do it. And that is what is needed by Sales to recognize and react to opportunities, and finally to start a meaningful conversation with their prospects. Alfonso De Sousa from LinkedIn said in his session at the B2B Marketing Expo: “You are talking to people, not companies. So be human, be helpful”. Only a well-prepared conversation is a helpful one!

I would like to thank the organizers and the jury of the B2B Marketing and Sales Innovation Expo once more for giving us this great award and for providing us with an excellent platform to introduce the Sales Intelligence tool. With Oscar the robot (the secret star of the event), we were also able to show mind+machine™ live in action!

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