Analysis of Competitors’ Strategies and Diagnostics Portfolios for a Leading Diagnostics Firm


One of the largest diagnostics firms wanted Evalueserve's support to garner intelligence related to the latest market and competitor strategies across specific segments.

Evalueserve supported the company by creating deep-dive competitor profiles, monitoring competitors’ strategies, analyzing trends, and developing interactive portfolio assessment dashboards (hosted on Evalueserve’s proprietary AI-enabled Insightsfirst platform).

The Challenge

The company did not have a comprehensive way to gather reliable data and assess its competitors’ moves, product offerings, and growth initiatives. The lack of a comprehensive CI platform hindered its ability to timely and accurately gauge market developments and make informed decisions.

Our Solution

Deep-dive Competitor Profiles on AI-Enabled Platform Insightsfirst

These comprehensive profiles provided insights into the following:

  • Company overview and financial health: Analysis of competitors’ financial performance, size, offerings, geographic presence, and growth on a year-on-year basis
  • Diagnostics portfolio: Detailed mapping of competitors’ diagnostics portfolio, along with newly added and discontinued products
  • Product updates and messaging: Key features of competitors’ products and their marketing claims on their websites
  • Strategic focus areas: Overview of competitors’ strategic priorities
  • Major deals and activity tracking: Assessment of competitors’ priorities based on key developments such as partnerships, M&A, product launches, regulatory approvals, organizational restructuring, and conferences.

Evalueserve created comprehensive profiles of 30+ competitors and hosted them on Insightsfirst.

Bi-weekly Digest

Evalueserve developed brief bi-weekly reports with summaries of key events within the diagnostics space. These reports included the following:

  • Product launches and approvals
  • Partnerships and M&A
  • Organizational updates
  • Conferences
  • Therapeutic research and results

Quarterly Digest

Evalueserve created quarterly digests with summaries of market developments and insights related to the following:

  • Competitors’ news and strategic focus
  • Disease area analysis based on news and therapeutic studies
  • News trend analysis
  • Executive summaries (for autoimmunity and allergy teams)

Interactive Dashboards

Evalueserve developed interactive dashboards for the following:

  • Product launch assessment: Evalueserve conducted a comprehensive assessment of product launches in 2021 and 2022 by 30+ competitors. The data was categorized by sub-products. Then, it was analyzed and displayed in an interactive Excel dashboard.
  • Portfolio analysis: Evalueserve provided an in-depth portfolio analysis based on parameters such as launch year, disease area, technology, biomarker, and allergens. The insights were shared in an interactive Excel dashboard.

Evalueserve also developed comprehensive and interactive PowerBI dashboards to present the analysis of both autoimmunity and allergy portfolios. The dashboards were used by a team of 100+ client stakeholders.

Business Impact

The Insightsfirst platform enabled the client to scale its CI program globally. Evalueserve’s comprehensive and interactive dashboards were highly appreciated by the client as they enabled it to look directly into the portfolio of 30+ competitors, all in a single place. The support enabled the client to quickly gauge its competitive edge and competitors’ portfolio diversity. Evalueserve provided data in such a format that it could be segmented into five levels of granularity, which helped the client to take quick decisions related to product strategy.