Cloud Migration Gives Multibillion-Dollar Food Company a 360-Degree View of Customers


A multibillion-dollar food company wanted to optimize its existing CRM and email marketing system and scale data-driven growth initiatives. Evalueserve rearchitected their customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing systems and moved all the data to Google Cloud. Evalueserve was involved in every step of that process, from strategy and migration through data management and analytics.

We provided data harmonization for the client, combining consumer data from their CRM, email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), and clickstream, as well as from over 60 retailers. The centralized data location delivered a 360-degree view of their customers.

The Challenge

The client had valuable data on customer behavior and preferences, but they were unable to take full advantage of it. Various teams across the global food conglomerate held siloed information on-premise, which made it difficult to see the full picture and consistently take data-backed strategic actions.

The company’s global growth unit in Canada enlisted Evalueserve to make fundamental changes to its data infrastructure. They had formed a digital revolution team to innovate on personalization opportunities and improve on customer experience. However, the organization needed a more secure and scalable data foundation to accurately segment their customers, map intent, and advance new commercial initiatives.

Our Solution and its Business Impact

Google Cloud Migration for Email Data

Our engagement began with harmonizing and migrating the client’s email marketing data. We harmonized data from various business units and migrated it into Google Cloud, modernizing the client’s data storage and management.

This process required a full range of skillsets from data strategy to migration and management, including technical expertise in virtual networks, Cloud Storage, App Engine, Data Studio, Tableau, Data Proc, Big Query/Cloud SQL, Kafka, MongoDB, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Build.

This cloud migration helped:

  • Boost email marketing, as insights were shared across all global business units.
  • Increase agility and security by removing manual maintenance and disaster recovery challenges.
  • Build a scalable data foundation.

Expanded to Omnichannel Data Harmonization

Following the success of the email marketing project, the client’s team asked our data engineers to begin a larger, more comprehensive data harmonization project. This included various sources of marketing and sales data such as CRM, email, social media, organic and paid search, clickstream, and SEM. We also harmonized internal data provided by the finance team as well as data from over 60 retail partners.

Identity resolution across all these different touchpoints was essential to its personalization initiatives, and we were able to leverage our research and consulting arm to understand the business context while integrating data points.

Customer 360 Platform

Having combined and harmonized various data in the cloud, our experts built a centralized customer experience platform. It delivers a 360-degree view of their customers and features interactive visualizations powered by a Tableau integration.

The customer 360 platform enabled the global growth organization to build data-driven go-to-market plans, and it allowed the digital revolution team to orchestrate more sophisticated, personalized campaigns. We went on to perform . These benefits extend beyond the original business unit in Canada to teams across the US, Latin America, and Europe.

Thanks to Evalueserve’s work with them, the client optimized performance for their CRM and email marketing efforts. Our work building a strong data foundation gave them a deeper understanding of their customer’s needs and wants, so they can continually iterate and improve customer experience.

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