Consumer Electronics Company Makes Hazard Assessment Process Faster Through Evalueserve’s Robust Documentation Mechanism

The Challenge

An American multinational technology company was faced with a growing number of polymers, dyes, pigments, UVCB, and other complex chemicals. The sheer volume of these chemicals involved in the product life cycle resulted in the client needing to perform hazard safety assessments with respect to the environment and human exposure. However, this proved to be a challenge for the client since there was a huge amount of chemicals lined-up for assessments, with most of the chemical’s data scanty.

This demanded a SAR-based hazard assessment, which would be extremely time-consuming for the client. In order to help make the client’s hazard assessment process become faster and more efficient, we introduced a robust documentation mechanism that combined the knowledge of domain experts with the power of technology.

Our Solution

Our team took a collaborative approach to this challenge by having our toxicologists and chemists work in close collaboration during the hazard assessment process.

Phase One: Divide and Conquer

Chemists inferred suitable analogs for data scanty chemicals, toxicologists conducted robust literature searches on the chemical of interest as well as its analogs which was then followed by data evaluation and analysis.

Phase Two: Authoring Hazard Assessments

On the basis of good quality direct data on chemicals of interest in conjunction with analogs data (in case of data gaps), the hazard assessment covered the determination of endpoint specific hazards (Genotoxicity, Skin Sensitization, RDT, DART, etc.), identifying appropriate POD, and the determination of hazard value (RfD, RSD, VSD, NSRL, etc.).

For environmental safety, the environmental fate of the chemical was determines, and the environmental PNEC for different environmental compartments was calculated. 

Phase Three: Making the Hazard Profile Robust

In silico prediction of chemical toxicity was integrated into the assessment wherever needed to help make the overall hazard profile more robust.

Business Impact

Our team delivered a robust mechanism for documenting the safety assessments that were in line with regulatory standards ensuring the safe use of chemicals to the client. Since we leveraged alternative methods for toxicity prediction, the client was able to void animal tests. The collaboration of our multi-disciplinary experts such as pharmacologists, environmental toxicologists, human toxicologists, and chemists made the overall hazard assessment process faster and more robust.

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Robust documenting mechanism

Ensured safety assessments were in line with regulatory standards.

Avoid animal testing

Leveraged alternative methods for toxicity prediction.

Faster and robust hazard assessment process

Our multi-disciplinary experts made the process faster and more robust.

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