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We are the largest service provider of quality-focused IPR&D Search, Intelligence and IP prosecution solutions.


IPR&D Solutions
The largest service provider of quality-focused IPR&D Search, Intelligence and IP prosecution solutions

Evalueserve – Market Leader in IP and R&D Services

Putting hundreds of analysts and consultants at your disposal - ranging from patent analysts, innovation intelligence specialists, technical specialists, licensing analysts, patent agents to IP docketing specialists. Evalueserve is the largest and one of the most-respected players in the IPR&D Services industry.

The Evalueserve IPR&D team is unique in having a large, in-house research development and innovation intelligence team. We are dedicated to improving quality in patent search and analytics while optimizing digital, industrialized intellectual property prosecution services.

Active in R&D and intellectual property search, intelligence, and prosecution solutions, close collaboration with customers and partners is at the heart of our strategy.

This has led to mergers and acquisitions (e.g. Treparel) and joint ventures (e.g. in the Japanese market with Sony).

Enabling strategic IP management, our services are executed and delivered on Evalueserve’s proprietary digital platform,


Evalueserve’s benefits for clients

  • Controllable, higher quality – expertise from the market leader
  • Flexibility and cost advantages
  • Insightloupe: Evalueserve’s proprietary digital platform, including customized curated data sets covering patent, technical literature, news and business data sources
  • Local project management on a global platform
IPR&D Intelligence on Insightloupe

Get patent research, research development and innovation clarity when it matters. IPR&D Intelligence delivers meaningful insights to research and development and intellectual property professionals to power and protect innovation intelligence enabling customers to develop, maintain and exploit the value of their intellectual property portfolio. Backed by one of the largest and best IP and R&D search and analytics teams in the industry, our solutions keep you in the know, delivering insights how and when you need them.

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Patent Landscaping

Landscapes are smaller or larger overview searches, either restricted to patent literature or expanded also to include technical literature, product data, and business news.

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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence focused on technology, patents and/or business news. This is delivered via Insightloupe as you need it, in a drilldown insights report and customized curated data.

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Innovation, Trend and Idea Scouting

Evalueserve systematically applies data tagging, text analytics and proprietary innovation-mapping on a wide range of sources.

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Patent and Technology Licensing

Comprehensive patent-to-product or -technology mapping reveals the potential of the portfolio and forms the basis of licensing opportunities.

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Chemical Safety Intelligence

These services provide high-quality data evaluation, modelling, and synthesis to generate toxicology data as required for regulatory and safety processes.

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Alerting and Updates

Whether for regularly updated landscapes, competitive intelligence tracking, systematic patent watch, or R&D awareness, Evalueserve IPR&D Alerts deliver value on the individual use cases and connect them.

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IP Prosecution Services

Maintaining the headcount and in-house expertise to deal with the full range of IP administration tasks is costly. Our highly-trained paralegals and specialists in patent drafting and prosecution are available to cover your needs. We can also support you with the business-critical transition from transactional to strategic IP management.

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Patent preparation and prosecution services

Evalueserve high-volume, industrialized patent preparation and prosecution services offer large filers an alternative to traditional models and a great platform for greater portfolio control and digital innovation.
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IP Management Services

The Evalueserve IP Management Services provide patent and trademark filers of all sizes with an IP Management System (IPMS)-agnostic, flexible and scalable, high-quality service.

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IPR&D Blog, news & samples
More insights from IPR&D

More insights from IPR&D

We help you deal with the full range of IP administration tasks.

Benefits of outsourcing International Patent Docketing.

Further resources from IPR&D

Navigate the vast amount of available scientific literature.

Get the highest-quality view of your IP and R&D data when and how you need it.

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IPR&D-specialist team

At Evalueserve IPRD, we pride ourselves on leading the IP and R&D industry to quantify – and in doing so, raise – the ‘quality’ of IP and R&D searches. I love that I’m part of the company which is working on this impactful initiative using our proprietary Mind+Machine approach. As operations lead of the hi-tech IPR&D team, I regularly test new ideas for improving search quality in my team, and the results and their feedback pushes me to strive for more. That’s the best part of my job!

Shekhar Khanduja

Associate Vice President Operations (India)

IPR&D-specialist team

At heart, I’m an analytical scientist. IP and R&D research feeds my craving to understand how things work. Combing through mountains of data is only rewarding once the final vision/product comes into view, but the journey can be exciting. My role at Evalueserve gives me freedom to be more consultative in finding answers to clients’ questions. That said, our team is global, my clients are diverse and leading edge, and I find it extremely rewarding to help them achieve tangible market benefits!

Jared Dominak

Client Executive (USA)

IPR&D-specialist team

I love working on exciting innovations with the talented team at Evalueserve IPRD, a company that I believe is changing the IP and R&D information market. Using my expertise in the convergence of software development and commercialization of digital products, I’ve led the optimization of our best-in-class Insightloupe Software-as a-Service platform that enables IP and R&D teams to make the right decisions based on access to the right data and timely insights.

Jeroen Kleinhoven

Head of Products & Alliances (The Netherlands)