Corporate Strategy for a Multinational Financial Services Firm


Evalueserve leverages its expertise and global capabilities to support a multinational financial services firm’s COO office with its corporate strategy and development. Partnering with Evalueserve brought the firm new efficiencies in reporting and insight generation.

The Challenge

The firm sought assistance to enhance its business management, performance reporting, competitive intelligence, and more within its CIB division. Previously, they struggled with streamlining some of their operations to impact sales effectively.

Our Solution

Evalueserve’s team, consisting of 14 full-time equivalents (FTEs), was deployed to provide global corporate strategy support from multiple locations in India, Chile, and the US. Collaborating closely with the CXOs from the firm’s CIB division, the team focused on:

  • Strategic and Tactical Reports Creation: Crafting and publishing tailored reports for the COO office.
  • Business Management Reporting: Monitoring and analyzing the financial performance of various groups within the CIB division, enabling enhanced decision-making.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Providing critical intelligence on competitors, allowing for strategic positioning and responsiveness.
  • Deal Runs, League Tables, and M&A Newsletters: Delivering key information to heads of IB groups to inform them of market trends and opportunities.
  • CRM Support: Managing Salesforce to ensure coherent and effective customer relationship management across the firm.
  • Industry Research: Conducting deep industry analysis to identify opportunities and challenges, guiding the firm’s strategic direction.
  • Hiring Strategy Support: Collaborating with COOs to define the hiring strategy for the firm and ensure it aligns with the overall business goals.


Business Impact

Evalueserve’s corporate strategy support brought significant improvement in the client’s business management and strategy development. Key benefits include:

  • Streamlining the entire business management reporting function with the creation of intuitive dashboards.
  • Assisting the CXOs in formulating strategic presentations.
  • Offering key insights through comprehensive research on the client’s peers in the banking sector.
  • Enhancing overall sales effectiveness and client relationships.



Evalueserve's dedicated corporate strategy support for the multinational financial services firm's COO office is pivotal in sharpening its management and corporate development.

By combining a deep understanding of the financial industry and analytical expertise, the team provides an invaluable partnership that continues to drive growth. Furthermore, the collaboration has resulted in a holistic solution that meets the client's immediate needs and lays the groundwork for future success.

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