Financial Analytics Support to Global Offices of a Top 10 Investment Bank


A leading global investment bank was searching for a new partner for financial analytics support across various sectors and geographies.

Evalueserve transitioned the work from the other provider and delivered better quality insights faster, enabling the bank to make data-driven decisions, improve operational efficiency, and effectively serve its clients across the globe.

The Challenge

The investment bank required reliable financial analytics support to enhance its decision-making processes and meet the demands of its global offices. They had a partner in place but wanted to improve efficiency. They sought assistance in a range of investment banking and corporate finance projects.

Our Solution

The Evalueserve team provided end-to-end financial analytics support to the global offices of the investment bank.

110 highly skilled full-time equivalents (FTEs) supported over 500 bankers across 15 client offices. This comprehensive coverage ensured that the investment bank's teams received consistent and timely support regardless of location.

Our dedicated professionals cover more than 10 sectors, enabling us to deliver tailored support across various industries. Our solution encompassed a wide range of investment banking and corporate finance projects including, but not limited to:

1.      Trading comps, precedent transactions, credit comps, and benchmarking

2.      Company profiles, research, info memos, and annual credit reviews

3.      IPO case studies, industry / thematic studies, newsletters, and briefing memos 

Business Impact

The financial analytics support provided by Evalueserve yielded significant business impact for the investment bank. The post-transition delivery statistics showcased tangible improvements, including:

1.      Increased Efficiency: Our team achieved a 26% increase in overall volumes with 15% fewer FTEs than the banks’ previous partner.   

2.    Company Time Savings: Our support saved over 1,000 hours/year through various initiatives, such as reusing thousands of existing profiles, trading comps, and transaction comps. Additionally, we automated more than 50 recurring deliverables, further optimizing the workflow.

3.      Enhanced Quality: Based on banker feedback, we delivered higher-quality insights for better decision-making. We also improved turn-around time and readiness for client material use.

4.      Workflow Transparency: We introduced a workflow tool that enhanced transparency throughout the project lifecycle. This tool enabled effective collaboration, streamlined communication, and provided visibility into the progress of various tasks.

5.      Technological Advancements: We integrated technology tools into the bankers' desktop environment to drive further efficiencies. These tools empowered the investment bank's teams to leverage automation, data analysis, and visualization capabilities, enhancing their decision-making processes.