Cleantech Solution Placement Within Green Hydrogen Value Chain


The prevalence of hydrogen in decarbonisation solutions aimed towards a clean energy future is rapidly growing. Hydrogen applications are being worked upon at each level of energy consumption, including producing clean power, being transported as a blend in natural gas pipelines, being used as a fuel for marine transport, and powering hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Efficiencies and costs are moving towards being increasingly competitive and the lightest element moves closer to becoming an energy heavyweight. This opens numerous opportunities for adjacent industries to participate in the hydrogen value chain via various routes. Take the case of this client project, wherein Evalueserve’s team of experts guided the client to pivot towards an ideal entry point into the hydrogen production process with the application of their existing technology.

the Challenge

Our client, a leading global player in the cleantech solutions space, has an existing gas purification solution that could potentially expand into the hydrogen production process. The client had already conducted technical feasibility for this scrubber and demister process technology and wanted Evalueserve’s expertise to ascertain the ideal route-to-entry in the hydrogen value chain. With a go-to-market (GTM) plan as an expected result, the client sought market validation, estimation of the addressable market size, and relative prioritisation of the market opportunity among different electrolyser technologies available for green hydrogen production.

Client requirements:

  • Gain an understanding of electrolyser technology options (comparison of operational parameters, investment needs, and growth potential).
  • Gain an understanding of the green hydrogen industry value chain in terms of the decision-making ability of value chain participants while making a process change at the plant level.
  • Identify customer needs for cleantech equipment in the green hydrogen production process.

Our Solution

The client’s requirements led us to leverage the fundamentals of Evalueserve’s GREEN Solution Framework. Our GREEN Framework, which stands for Generate, Refine, Equip, and Engage, has been designed to create insights that support decarbonisation initiatives at each stage, from strategy formulation to market execution.

Evaluation: Our team of experts began by gaining an understanding of the industry value chain. They identified the key players engaged in the hydrogen production ecosystem, mapped the decision-making roles relevant to cleantech process addition, and precisely identified the participants to discuss our client’s opportunities.

This step led the client to completely alter their market entry strategy because our team’s research suggested that their existing plan did not address the most influential part of the value chain. Our team then validated the cleantech equipment need in the green hydrogen production process with process owners, process designers, technology owners, and EPC companies.

Benchmarking: Our experts conducted benchmarking for available AEC and PEM electrolyser technologies based on criteria including cost, environmental impact, application, and position of the technology player in the value chain. This was furthered by understanding the key decision factors for technology selection by EPC companies as well as owners and operators by mapping the current maturity of each process and the projected industry adoption level of the researched electrolyser technologies.

Mapping: Based on our team’s extensive research, we proposed specific placement of cleantech equipment in AEC and PEM electrolyser process flows by mapping their current process flow designs, as well as providing its impact on the overall process by weighing the process and cons. Our experts also provided a simultaneous assessment of the variation in cleantech equipment design requirements in line with potential changes in electrolyser technologies.

The primary elements of the GREEN framework applicable to this proposed process are Generate, Refine, and Equip.

Business Impact

Using this methodology and powered by the Evalueserve mind+machine™ needs-tailored process, the team delivered the following outcomes for our client:

Identify prospective partners

for the client to introduce their technology as an addition to the core electrolyser setup.

Early stage success

of the altered market-entry plan gauged through positive discussions with the most influential value chain segment.

Confirm positive potential

in the green hydrogen market.

Appoint a dedicated team

to mine leads shortlisted by Evalueserve to develop their business strategy.