How AI Data-Driven Insights Transformed KOL Engagement in the Pharmaceutical Industry


In the competitive landscape of pharmaceuticals, a leading F500 pharmaceutical company faced a significant challenge in identifying key opinion leaders. Identifying and engaging Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) is crucial to every drug or device development stage. The selection and collaboration with KOLs are dependent and need improvement due to regional bias and limited networks. The company required a robust, data-driven benchmarking solution that would enable them to identify the best KOLs in specific therapeutic areas, irrespective of their geographical location.

The pharmaceutical company used our AI data-driven KOL management solution and platform Insightloupe to transform how they identify and engage with KOLs. Our model, which considers factors such as research activity, influence, associations, and area of expertise, provided unbiased and comprehensive profiling of potential collaborators. The company was thus able to extend beyond the limitations of its existing networks, discovering a wider range of top clinical investigators they had previously been unaware of.

Our partnership served as a tangible demonstration of how data-driven solutions can redefine collaborations and decision-making processes in the pharmaceutical industry, leading to enhanced patient outcomes. This case study stands as a testament to the transformative potential of our KOL assessment product within the pharmaceutical sector.

The Challenge

Discerning who qualifies as a KOL, particularly in emerging fields or regions, can be ambiguous and complex due to their influence and expertise. With emerging technologies and trends, the rapidly evolving nature of the pharmaceutical industry requires persistent vigilance to identify KOLs with the most current expertise. Furthermore, interactions with KOLs must strictly adhere to ethical and legal guidelines, adding regulatory complexity to the process. Tackling these challenges necessitates a systematic and strategic approach that includes definitive KOL identification criteria, robust engagement strategies, and continual monitoring and evaluation of KOL relationships.

Recognizing and partnering with prominent experts in the pharmaceutical sector can significantly influence the effectiveness of different phases in drug development. KOLs are experts in their respective fields, with experience in research, clinical trials, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and post-marketing activities. Their expertise can help pharma companies make decisions and improve the efficacy of their products.

The Pharma company was experiencing challenges identifying KOLs in the scientific community with clear views on emerging technologies and trends. The company's contacts were limited and potentially biased based on personal relationships or existing collaborations. This limited scope could have been more problematic in global operations and diverse scientific fields.

Our Solution

We provided the pharmaceutical company with a KOL management solution built into the AI-driven platform Insightloupe. We identified and ranked influential figures in the scientific community, particularly in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Insightloupe offers a detailed dynamic profile for each identified KOL, including factors such as published scientific literature, patents, clinical trial collaborations, years of experience, and involvement in professional associations.

Our solution enabled clients to identify top therapists and physicians in relevant domains for the client. For example, we completed a KOL study focused on clinical investigators in a particular therapy area, suggesting that pharma companies might consider collaborations in the clinical trial space.

The identification and ranking of KOLs were performed purely on AI data-driven basis through the Insightloupe platform. The Research Partner Assessment (RPA) program is designed to assist our client in identifying and collaborating with healthcare professionals and partners in the healthcare domain. Our RPA includes continuous monitoring and updates of KOLS activities, ensuring that our client stays informed about the movement of these influential leaders across different associations, organisations, and domains. The objective of the RPA program is to create a well-structured approach to partnering with KOLs and research partners (RPs) such as doctors, researchers, database providers, institutes, and NGOs. KOL can be interchangeably used as Key External Expert (KEE), Therapy Area Expert (TAE), and Key Thought Leader (KTL). By assessing their expertise, influence, research activities, and recognition, our clients can establish productive collaborations and leverage the knowledge and capabilities of these partners in the healthcare industry. 

Insightloupe is a centralised platform that houses all KOL data, making it conveniently available and shareable. Furthermore, it provides an integrated collaboration tool, enabling users to collaborate on KOL projects. As a result, this improves decision-making for innovation by offering decision-makers a reliable and comprehensive source of KOL data and insights and a means of collaborating with others on innovation projects.

Business Impact

Our product expanded clients' potential collaborations beyond their existing connections by providing a comprehensive, unbiased, data-driven list of KOLs. This output allowed them to engage with globally recognized and highly influential KOLs that they were previously unaware of.

The Insightloupe product ultimately enhanced the client's decision-making process across the entire value chain, from drug discovery and clinical trials to manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and post-market activities. Leveraging these key influencers' comprehensive expertise and vast experience allows customers to boost their research, streamline their operations, and make more educated choices regarding product advancement and promotional tactics.

The client saw enhanced efficiency, successful products, and significant market influence. The company has a more robust global basis for collaboration and knowledge exchange in developing and marketing its products.

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