Innovation Intelligence

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Insightloupe is a data-driven innovation solution using curated intelligence, benchmarking and interactive reports for risk management, landscaping & IP monitoring.


Innovation Intelligence

Insightloupe is a powerful analytics engine that combines the best in human expertise with cutting-edge technology to offer unparalleled patent and non-patent landscaping insights. With Insightloupe, you can access expert-backed IP and R&D insights, allowing decision-makers to make informed and accurate choices with precision and clarity.

Gather and manage insights with ease with Insightloupe, designed for cross-functional stakeholders. Our primary objective is to provide you with the ability to drill down on intelligence projects for a complete view of your data. Our intelligence platform is built on four pillars, ensuring that you have everything you need to get the most out of your data. 

From Data to Insights

Transform your data into meaningful insights

Data Centralization

All data in one place for easy access and management

Advanced Technology

The most advanced tools to analyze and understand your data.

Pro-active and Relevant

Actionable insights that keep you ahead of the game.


Bigger Impact. Less Time.

Interact with the visuals and charts in reports and drill down to a single data field in specific documents, company & technology profiles to deep dive into the analysis behind the summary.

Multiple customized taxonomies across data types drive projects on the platform. Users can map, filter, search, chart and analyze the entire, curated data set and answer key questions of the study.​


Receive notifications on disruptions / innovation trends / IP risks or any kind of data of interest at a regular cadence via email to stay updated on what's new in your domain.​
Divy up the latest updates among your team for IP risk assessments or monitoring and follow up planning using our collaborative, customizable workflow and task review pipeline and keep a track on your team's progress.​
Comprehensive dashboards, which consist of monitoring notifications, updates on key trends, technologies, companies, and people of interest and their relevant profiles, with a high level summary, are a part of every study.
Insightloupe's cataloguing features, including tags, comments, and document lineage enable you to use the platform as a central document repository where you can organize and review the underlying documents that are at the core of the study.

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