Insightsfirst Powers Strategic Decisions at Clarios


Clarios, a leading global battery producer for all vehicle types, was looking to make more informed decisions around commercial strategy, product management, inventory build-ups, and capacity planning on a continuous basis by region and channel.

They wanted to complement their existing market and customer intelligence with competitive intelligence (CI) to facilitate these strategic decisions. Historically, their CI information had been ad-hoc, mixed format, and reliant on external consulting support, leading to slowdowns and incomplete data for decision-making.

Evalueserve implemented Insightsfirst, our AI-powered CI platform, to address these issues for Clarios. Our experts standardized and organized Clarios’s existing CI information within Insightsfirst, creating a single source of truth for all market intelligence (MI) and CI needs. We designated a “librarian” to serve as a project manager, ensure ongoing insights quality, and liaise with the client’s stakeholders. Additionally, we performed stakeholder interviews to understand the specific decisions each team needed to make and the type of data required to make informed decisions. Clarios is now continually supplied with up-to-date, high-quality, validated CI insights through Insightsfirst, powering strong decision-making.

The challenge

Clarios wanted to strengthen their market knowledge by implementing a centralized repository to store and organize all CI insights and drive their consistency and quality to make better decisions. 

Clarios wanted to enlist a trusted partner to perform high-value interviews with industry experts to understand market trends and provide analysis and actionable recommendations based on the insights.

Our Solution

Evalueserve implemented Insightsfirst for Clarios.

Insightsfirst collects and synthesizes over 300,000 data points for Clarios. On top of that, our domain experts perform additional research and provide next best action recommendations based on Clarios’s goals. With Insightsfirst, Clarios can:

  1. Continuously scan external data sources on competitor activity in their markets and value chain.
  2. Keep a close watch on their supply and cost positions.
  3. Understand trends in batteries and raw materials trades.
  4. Centralize external data with insights from their sales team via stakeholder interviews.
  5. Track win/loss.
  6. Have a central “librarian” to ensure consistency and quality of insights.
  7. Access a detailed view of competitors’ actions and predicted strategic outcomes.
  8. View a synthesized summary of its competitors per region, application, and technology type at a glance.

Business Impact

Insightsfirst is a one-stop shop for all of Clarios’s competitive intelligence needs. Insightsfirst has enabled the sales team to access vital data effortlessly and rapidly during RFQs, sales pitches, and bidding.

Clarios now has a thorough view of potential disruptions, the impact of movements in the value chain, and competitors’ market profiles, including shares. This comprehensive view prepares Clarios to make informed, data-backed decisions quickly.

Finally, thanks to the pressure testing our experts have done, Clarios has confidence in the accuracy and quality of its CI insights.

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