Intellectual Property Management with AI-Enhanced Solutions for a global technology and innovation leader


In today's cut-throat business world, safeguarding intellectual property assets is necessary for companies seeking to stay ahead of the competition. Our client, a renowned global technology and innovation leader, understands the significance of protecting its intellectual property assets against competitor infringement. 

Consumer electronics maker partnered with Evalueserve, a leading Intellectual Property (IP) service provider, to achieve a comprehensive range of IP services. These services encompass patent prosecution, IP administration, drafting, search and intelligence, and native language support, allowing the technology company to establish a centrally AI-driven Intellectual Property Development (IPD) ecosystem. Evalueserve helped global technology leader streamline its intellectual property using its AI solutions and ensure a seamless patent lifecycle, enhancing its ability to protect its assets across global regions.

The Challenge

Given its size as a global F500 company and organizational complexity, the innovation leader faced challenges with its IP management, such as quality assurance, confidentiality, cultural differences, costs, and compliance. 

With these constraints, the company started looking for a global innovation management firm to help implement a programmatic solution to support their multifunction IP and R&D teams. They wanted to achieve a synchronized process amongst multiple disciplines under one umbrella. Their top concerns were around business risks, confidentiality, and legal implications.

The client found that Evalueserve's programmatic consultancy service could protect its IP and maintain a competitive advantage using AI tools. Evalueserve's resources and experience enable efficient handling of a large volume of work, which would have been challenging for its internal team.

Our Solution

AI-Powered Programmatic Innovation Solution

Evalueserve developed a comprehensive IPD system that used AI tools for patent search and analytics for the technology firm, consisting of various teams that handle different stages of the patent lifecycle using other AI tools. The ecosystem includes:

  • Market, Technology, and Competitive Intelligence stage: Evalueserve helps technology leader build and refine their Business and R&D strategy by conducting thorough research to monitor market trends, identifying and monitoring technologies of interest to the client as well as relevant emerging technologies and analyzing market dynamics within a deep investigation of the competitive landscape.
  • Idea inception stage: The Search and Intelligence team handles this stage and conducts in-depth research to identify potentially patentable ideas. AI performed exhaustive searches and analyses, reducing the risk of missing critical information during prior art searches. AI automated the search, analysis, and recommendation phases. It significantly reduces the risk of missing essential information, improves efficiency, and contributes to the overall effectiveness of intellectual property management and patent examination.
  • Patent drafting stage: The drafting team takes over at this stage and works on drafting the patent application based on the idea identified in the previous step. Utilizing AI reduced the cost of hiring specialized patent attorneys or agents for drafting purposes. AI tools assisted in patent drafting, especially for routine or standardized applications.
  • Patent administration stage: The IP admin and Docketing team take over the administrative tasks associated with the patent application, such as filing the application, tracking deadlines, and maintaining records once they draft the application.
  • Patent prosecution stage: The Prosecution team manages the patent prosecution process, which involves communicating with the patent office, responding to office actions, and ensuring the application is approved. AI tools analyzed extensive datasets of patent-related information, including prior art, patent office decisions, litigation history, and more. The expert team focused on leveraging a high level and number of insights.
  • Supplementary Services: The Search and Intelligence team at Evalueserve handles additional services like Directed Prosecution and Prior Art Searches, in addition to the core stages of the patent lifecycle.
  • Relationship bonus as an onsite insert: Evalueserve provides a Relationship Bonus for their onsite Solution Architect position, which entails working closely with clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions.

Business Impact

Global technology firm reaped multiple advantages from Evalueserve's AI-encompassing IP solutions. AI benefits the client in patent-related activities by improving workflow efficiency, streamlining operations, aiding in strategic decision-making, and enhancing communication and collaboration.

Evalueserve's comprehensive IP consulting services fulfilled client's requirements and delivered a cohesive, immersive experience.

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