Navigating REACH Compliance: Evalueserve’s Digital Solution Transforms Chemical Dossier Management


A leading chemical manufacturer faced the challenge of maintaining up-to-date dossiers for nearly 1000 chemicals to comply with the EU's REACH regulations. The manual data collection, sorting, and summarizing from over 70 databases and literature sources was time-consuming, prone to errors, and biased.

To address this, Evalueserve developed proprietary digital tools to automate and accelerate data search and extraction, ensuring comprehensive and unbiased information gathering. This resulted in a successful data summary for almost 1000 chemicals, ensuring the client's continued compliance with the EU's chemical safety law. Evalueserve's solution demonstrated the power of combining digital solutions with technical expertise to meet regulatory requirements efficiently.

The Challenge

The client, a global chemical manufacturer, and supplier is the lead or solo registrant on hundreds of REACH dossiers. It is obligated to maintain its compliance with the EU REACH regulatory framework. Lack of compliance could result in substantial penalties and restrictions on their ability to sell and use the chemicals.

With the obligation to update these dossiers regularly, the task was enormous and ongoing. The process involved an extensive search for chemical and taxological data across 70+ databases and literature sources. The sheer volume of data to be collected, sorted, and summarized, needed to be comprehensive unbiased, and error-free tasks, which are incredibly time-consuming when completed manually. The scale and complexity of managing and updating hundreds of chemical records efficiently and effectively are both extensive and technically tricky.

The client wanted an advanced solution to streamline and automate the process and understood that this would like to involve digital processing and advanced data management methodologies.

Our Solution

Evalueserve offered an advanced data informatics solution that combined proprietary digital data search and retrieval technology with expert analytical sorting and data summarization to address the client’s challenge.  With expertise in REACH regulations, toxicology, chemical safety, and data analytics, Evalueserve used its Mind + Machine tools and philosophy to automate and accelerate data searches across multiple complex databases. These computational tools ran thousands of chemical synonym searches quickly to determine where data existed saving significant time and eliminating user bias and errors.

Another tool was used to sort and sift complex data that exists in literature abstracts, identifying relevant published papers which hold critical data on endpoints of interest. The automated process assists the toxicology analysts with standardization of approach and freeing up time for high quality analysis of the data.  A key advantage of this is that bias through individualization of search, sort and summarization is minimized. It also means that we can conclude that Evalueserve methods result in comprehensive data coverage and analysis.

The partnering and adoption of Evalueserve methods meant that the scale of the problem could be handled by a high-quality, steady-state delivery of updated data for REACH dossiers, ensuring the client can achieve continuous compliance with its REACH obligations

Business Impact

The collaborative effort led to the successful summary of data for nearly 1000 chemicals, setting a high standard for the client's internal data collection and evaluation processes.

The combination of Advanced-Data Informatics and domain experts in Evalueserve's solution streamlined the data collection process, reduced the risk of error, and accelerated the updating of chemical dossiers, ensuring the client's continued compliance with EU chemical safety law. The project’s success demonstrated the value of Evalueserve's expertise and innovative digital solutions in managing extensive data, meeting regulatory requirements, and supporting client needs.

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