Strategic Assessment of Securities Backed Lines of Credit Offering of Competitors


A Fortune 100 Financial Services firm offering investment, advice and retirement solution wanted a competitive landscaping and a comprehensive assessment of securities backed lines of credit (SBLOC) offered by top competitors, with a focus on interest rates, third-party outsourcing, and marketing strategy.

Evalueserve conducted an in-depth analysis, thereby identifying key firms offering a strong SBLOC product and provided a detailed assessment of their offering

The Challenge

The client already offers SBLOC, but wanted to analyze the companies they are competing against, depth of their offerings and advisor support, launch dates, positioning of their product in this market segment, partnerships and alliance/outsourcing to a third-party bank, varying interest rates based on the level of credit line extended, use of proceeds, terms and conditions, etc.

The client wanted to understand all these aspects to strengthen their own offering, build a competitive advantage and drive innovation.

Our Solution

Our team conducted a detailed competitive landscaping exercise to help the client identify and analyze their key competitors in the SBLOC segment

  • Scanned through various secondary sources and aggregators including Cerulli, LIMRA, and Pensions & Investments to identify the key players with SBLOC offerings.
  • The team also scanned through brochures, disclosures, and the website to identify SBLOC outsourcing to third-party banks and different interest rates for each competitor.
  • Analyzed the marketing content published on the website including case studies, thought leadership pieces, case scenarios and articles to help the client understand their competitor’s marketing strategy and product positioning. The team also explored paid databases like Competiscan to gauge the messaging to clients and product positioning.

Business Impact

  • Enabled the client to identify different types of firms offering SBLOC including banks, insurance companies, retirement firms, fintech companies, etc. The client was also able to identify top companies with the strongest product.
  • Actionable insights provided by Evalueserve team helped the client understand the market and benchmark their own SBLOC offerings with competitors’ based on key parameters.
  • Develop strategies that could create competitive advantage in the future.
  • Allowed the client to respond to rival marketing campaigns with their own initiatives.

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