Streamlining IP Strategy for global tech company with AI-Powered Innovation Framework


In a rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, a visionary technology company faced the formidable task of managing innovative ideas while continuously generating new ones.  International Tech Enterprise turned to Evalueserve to introduce a multi-stage framework, merging human expertise with AI tools to streamline idea screening, evaluation, and patenting for IP strategy.

The Challenge

The client, a forward-thinking blockchain technology company, was in a unique predicament. They had amassed a substantial backlog of approximately 1,000 innovative ideas while consistently generating 20-30 new concepts monthly.  Due to limited resources, they needed help to process this influx of ideas effectively and extract the genuinely patentable gems hidden within their backlog. 

Recognizing the critical need to prioritize and protect their intellectual property, the Worldwide Technology Firm sought a collaborative partner who could assist them in screening, evaluating, and drafting patents for their most promising ideas. They needed to manage a backlog and fortify their position in the competitive blockchain domain, where innovation and IP protection were paramount.

Several strategic factors drove the client to choose Evalueserve for their tailored framework for identifying and patenting valuable ideas, aligning perfectly with unique needs. Additionally,  Evalueserve’s cost-effective offshore solutions fit their cost-management strategy. Ultimately, our combination of industry expertise, experience, and cost-effectiveness made  Evalueserve the clear and ideal choice for the client IP strategy.

Our Solution

Evalueserve introduced a multi-stage framework, which included idea capture, screening, harvesting, and thorough documentation. 

Evalueserve screened ideas for viability, patentability, and product potential then selected the most promising ideas for further development.

Evalueserve worked closely with the client's R&D experts to extract detailed information and prepare robust patent applications. This combination of human expertise and AI automation ensured efficiency and accuracy in the process.

Business Impact

Evalueserve analyzed 100 patent ideas during the pilot alone and shared the most valuable. This new patent portfolio has brought in substantial licensing revenue. Additionally, client now has a scalable process for future ideas.

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