Sustainable Portfolio Construction


Our client, a leading Swiss asset manager, wanted to generate comprehensive company assessments across more than 60 industry groups. These assessments would be used for sustainable portfolio construction for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. 

The Challenge

The client required dedicated support in the current complex and evolving sustainability landscape. Furthermore, constructing the portfolios involved extensive and continuous analyses of corporate actions, including benchmarking and thematic sector reporting. 

Our Solution

With a 15-year-long partnership with the client, Evalueserve developed a deep understanding of their needs. We leveraged our team of 40+ full-time equivalents (FTEs) to develop assessments and scoring across 5,000 companies, covering Economic, Environmental, and Social factors. The scope of work for the sustainable portfolio construction includes: 

  • Analyzing media releases on Corporate Actions related to sustainability issues. 
  • Conducting benchmarking analysis and generating reports that highlight best-in-class peers, leaders, and laggards.
  • Creating thematic sector reports on sustainability performance.
  • Examining industry-specific issues and nuances to modify methodologies accordingly.

Business Impact

Our extensive collaboration with the client yielded significant benefits, including: 

  • Cost Efficiency: Our partnership led to a significant reduction in costs while continuously improving quality and productivity.
  • Innovation Support: Evalueserve analysts proactively suggested ideas for new revenue-generative products and assisted in updating client methodologies.
  • Managing Attrition: Attrition to client teams was efficiently managed through extensive documentation of Best Practices and Methodology guidelines by Evalueserve.


Evalueserve’s longstanding relationship with the client enabled us to offer tailored solutions that met the client’s unique requirements. Our comprehensive approach to sustainable portfolio construction, coupled with a focus on cost efficiency and innovation, cemented our position as a trusted partner in pursuing sustainability initiatives.

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