Unlocking Complex Knowledge Management (KM) Challenges Leveraging KM Experts and an AI-led Digital Platform for a Global Consulting Firm


Our client is a global government consulting firm providing social and economic transformation solutions. Our client submits over 200 proposals every year and has a team of more than 700 corporate employees. These employees are split across six geographies and independent business units working on various strategic pre-sales documents. The client wanted to revamp its current knowledge management (KM) process so that its employees can easily access the latest and high-quality content, improve its response rate, and increase business wins. 

The Challenge

While responding to business opportunities, our client often struggled to collate relevant material quickly, as it was difficult to search the latest pre-sales assets in their current repository. It resulted in multiple missed opportunities and posed business expansion challenges. The client wanted a KM expert to provide a programmatic approach for better content management and improved searchability.

Our Solution

We deployed our advanced and easy-to-configure KM program powered by Publishwise, our AI-enabled digital solution, and backed by our KM experts.

  • PublishwiseIt is an easy-to-navigate and intuitive digital solution that provides access to the central content repository. The digital solution helps swiftly look up past content via smarter search functionalities and discover relevant content faster using a customized recommendation engine.
  • KM expertsThese experts work with the client to identify pain points in KM and define taxonomy and content tagging gaps. Our experts continue to provide ongoing content stewardship to manage the content lifecycle.
  • Publishwise – An AI and NLP-driven platform, enables our clients to swiftly look up pre-sales content. The platform uses human-centric cognitive search and provides relevant content recommendations using ML and NLP engines.

    Key deliverables:

    • Advanced search – Enables the client to traverse through the content repository easily.
    • Customized refiners – Help filter content using customizable refiners such as country, business unit, nature of the content, and time frame.
    • Recommendation engine – Assists the client to discover relevant historical content as the platform is powered by advanced text analytics and an ML-based recommendation engine.
    • Content libraries – Provide access to the most used content from curated content libraries.
  • Knowledge solutions via KM experts
    • Our KM experts conducted a diagnostic workshop to identify key issues in KM and gaps in taxonomy and content tagging. The experts also defined user journeys based on key roles and adjusted the refiners accordingly
    • The experts worked with the client’s engagement team to create a taxonomy focusing on user requirements and helped them sanitize and co-create existing knowledge assets
    • They ensured to tag and upload new content on Publishwise within the stipulated time and as per the agreed taxonomy
    • Our KM experts helped the client to manage internal change, along with adoption efforts, and continued to provide content stewardship

Business Impact

  • Provided access to over 700 corporate staff to a centralized repository.
  • Reduced the time taken to look for past pre-sales content by 40%.
  • Provided recommendations from over 1,200 past proposals through MI and NLP engines.
  • Increased win rate as proposal writers could spend more time strengthening the value propositions.

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