Whitespace Analysis and Actionable Recommendations with Product Benchmarking


In rapid and fast evolving Asset & Wealth Management industry, the client wanted to have a comprehensive product benchmarking across capabilities to identify the gaps and subsequently address these gaps by zeroing in on the most critical capabilities.

Evalueserve's Asset & Wealth Management Competitive Intelligence team helped in assessing whitespaces and identifying the most emergent & critical capabilities in the industry. The client was then suggested with few actionable recommendations. The research aided client in assessing gaps in its capabilities, potential opportunities within the market and in addressing the pain points by referring to recommendations.

The Challenge

The wealth management firm needed a comprehensive product benchmarking across self-directed and advisory capabilities. The key challenge was to locate the gaps within its offerings versus its competitors and to study the rapid and fast evolving industry to pinpoint the most emergent & critical capabilities.

The firm wanted a schematic comparison of its offerings & capabilities across self-directed & advisory space in contrast to its peer firms, and required intel around what other firms in the market are doing to gain on the most emergent & critical capabilities so as to close the gaps by zeroing in on the most critical capabilities.

Our Solution

Our team proposed a product benchmarking analysis comprising of three-step approach to help the client to understand whitespaces, promising opportunity areas as well as to uncover actionable next steps.

Step 1

Whitespace Analysis

Identifying offerings of key peers
Organizing them across capabilities
Highlighting whitespaces

Step 2

Assessing Emergent & Critical Capabilities

Studying key industry trends and competitors' recent moves
Identifying emergent & critical capabilities

Step 3

Actionable Recommendations

Suggesting actionable recommendations

Step 1: Whitespace Analysis involved analyzing products & services of client and its major competitor firms and organizing them with unified view to present a streamlined comparison, highlighting the cohesions and gaps meticulously.

The process involved scanning through company websites and product brochures to list down and categorize their offerings as per widespread classification across self-directed and advisory capabilities.

The analysis displayed products & service landscape of its competitors highlighting gaps or opportunities areas.

Step 2: The step of Assessing Emergent & Critical Capabilities included conducting a market study exercise to explore emergent and important capabilities on both industry and competitor levels. We looked through company press releases, industry articles and reports to identify trending capabilities, new launches, most talked about products as well as competitors’ moves around those in the market.

The evaluation process underlined few critical products and areas wherein most of the industry peers have been taking rigorous initiatives in the recent past to equip on those particular capabilities and to differentiate themselves among competition.

The client got the net new information about emergent & table stake capabilities (such as direct indexing, cash management solutions etc.) in the market and initiatives its competitors were taking to foray into these.

Step 3: The final step consisted of integrating results from step 1 and step 2 to identify viable actionable recommendations which could be suggested to the client for bridging gaps or expanding on critical opportunities.

The assessment helped in suggesting actionable next steps such as organic development, partnership, or acquisitions, which were proposed by leveraging intel from competitors’ recent moves/ initiatives, to equip on emergent & critical capabilities.

Evalueserve's Competitive Intelligence Solutions for Asset and Wealth Management Firms

The overall product benchmarking process resulted in highlighting whitespaces/ opportunity areas, mapping most critical capabilities, tracking actionable insights and suggesting viable recommendations for bridging gaps or expanding on critical capabilities.

Business Impact

Net new insights from the analysis presented critical whitespace opportunities to guide the client in the direction of expanding its offerings and capabilities.

The market study uncovered valuable intel around recent initiatives taken by client’s key competitors to expand on to these emergent capabilities.

Actionable next steps, which were proposed by using intel from competitors’ recent moves/ initiatives, helped the client in addressing the pain points by acting on the recommendations. Consequently, the client was able to equip itself with the latest in-demand capabilities by acquiring a suitable target firm.


Informative visions presenting critical whitespace opportunities
Valuable intel into competitors’ recent moves/ initiatives
Actionable recommendations for addressing the pain points

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