Market & Competitive Intelligence (MICI) for Asset and Wealth Management Firms

AI-enabled Intelligence Program

A hybrid market and competitive intelligence program for actionable and timely results.

Stay ahead and drive competitive advantage

Make Informed Decisions with Future Fit Competitive Intelligence

The level of competition within the Asset and Wealth Management space has reached a new high and sustaining the same profitability margin and growth has become difficult to achieve. Strategies that have been successful in the past become redundant in no time amid fast-changing investor preferences and industry disruptions. Competitive Intelligence strategies must constantly evolve and adjust to this dynamic market environment and competitor moves. In such a fast-evolving challenging marketplace, a well-oiled Competitive Intelligence function becomes critical to success.

Evalueserve offers an integrated Market and Competitive Intelligence Program that combines an AI, NLP, and Generative AI enabled digital solution, Insightsfirst, and domain experts. Global Asset and Wealth Management (AWM) firms leverage our MICI program which is scalable and addresses the intelligence needs of multiple stakeholders; we offer:

  • AI and Generative AI enabled Technology Platform (Insightsfirst): curates’ information from 200,000+ data sources and provides self-service and timely intelligence on your key competitors
  • MICI Processes: streamlined processes to gather, aggregate, and disseminate timely
  • Domain Expertise: bring in strategic and actionable insights by identifying underlining leading indicators thereby adding business context to the platform insights


Track Competitors

Product launches, tech disruptions, branding/marketing activities to create robust go-to-market strategies.

Monitor Competitors

Eminence and thought leadership content, positioning, and focus areas to identify white spaces.

Our Advantage

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Other business benefits of engaging with Evalueserve include (but are not limited to):

  • Insightsfirst offers a generative AI chatbot, Research Bot that leverages large language models (LLMs) and is trained on proprietary domain-specific data to deliver summarized responses.
  • Complement your internal competitive and marketing intelligence effort with our scalable technology and domain experts.
  • Reduce time-to-market with actional intelligence to strategize, tap opportunities, and mitigate risks.
  • Flexible and value-based engagement models.

Our Capabilities

Market and Competitive Intelligence Solutions for Asset and Wealth Management

Reference Case

Improving Brand Positioning and Revamping Marketing Strategy with Competitive Intelligence

A top-tier US-based asset management firm was concerned about its distorting core brand positioning & value and hence wanted to assess competitors’ marketing strategies and product promoting campaigns to revamp its strategic roadmap so as to strengthen its core brand positioning and to retain a strong competitive edge in its core space.

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