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CDMO Market for Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and Gene Therapy


With the consistent success of cell and gene therapies (CGTs), bioprocessing and the manufacturing facilities have taken centre-stage to meet global demands. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, contract development & manufacturing organizations (CDMOs), have been observed to undertake multiple expansion activities, potentially spurred by massive demands during the pandemic. Increasing the scale of any process requires significant investments, which have potential risks as well as rewards. Between 2021-2023, market leaders across US and EU have been focusing upon widening their capabilities to offer end-to-end manufacturing services and expanding vector production services, in a bid to have greater control of pricing strategies as well as being better positioned to meet market demand gaps. Additionally, key markets such as US and China are increasingly challenging the domination of EU as a CDMO juggernaut, showcasing the industry’s sentiment toward a highly opportunistic CGT market.

Although CGTs represent a significant medical opportunity, their commercial opportunity is much greater. However, the capabilities to develop, manufacture, and generate profitability from CGT manufacturing, continues to be outweighed by the anticipated launch plans. Apart from emerging therapeutic modalities such as base-edited CAR-T cell therapies and ongoing demand for AAV-based CGT trials, technical capabilities have become one of the key strategic focuses for CDMOs. Converging their technical capabilities to reduce waiting time and cost through cutting-edge technologies such as automation and single-use bioprocessing are primary areas for growing CDMO investments. However, effectively planning long-term consequences of the technical capabilities on the cost-of-goods (COGs) of CGTs is likely to be a critical success factor for these investments.

Global CGT Market

The global CGT CDMO market is expected to post a 17.5% CAGR (2021–2026) growing to USD10 billion by 2026, primarily contributed by increase in therapeutic demand.


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