Lending Automation Suite

Revolutionize Your Lending Process

Accelerate credit review and lend with confidence with AI-enabled solutions.

Lending Automation Suite

Make Smarter, Faster Lending Decisions with AI

With a growing customer base and an increasing volume of financial data, lenders are looking for solutions to efficiently manage their lengthy manual processes without sacrificing data accuracy.


Evalueserve’s lending automation tools help you streamline and accelerate your operations by automating tedious tasks, all while maintaining more than 99% accuracy so you can be confident in your decisions.


We have AI-powered solutions for financial data extraction, spreading, analysis, and reporting. You may also choose to leverage our customizable Automation Studio tools to build automations specific to your unique needs.

Accelerate your credit underwriting and covenant tracking with accurate and fast automated financial spreading. Spreadsmart is a web-based, AI-enabled platform that replaces conventional manual data entry processes with automated data extraction from financial statements to a configurable template

Evalueserve has developed strategic partnerships to offer end-to-end credit decisioning. Automatically load financial statement data into the top tools on the market with fully configurable financial spreading templates. Spread and adjust reported financials, calculate financial ratios, project future periods, and generate financial analysis reports.

Our dedicated automation team creates custom automations and dashboarding across the lending cycle to meet clients’ specific needs. Some examples include:

  • Customized portfolio performance dashboards that augment a risk-based and effective decision-making culture by transforming large portfolio data into valuable insights. Track lending book performance, deal origination trends, early warning insights and sector performance, along with standardized reporting.
  • Fund Finance Consolidation Tool automating the tracking of a bank’s indirect exposure across all fund finance facilities.

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Boost Efficiency with Fully Automated Financial Spreading

Banks depend on fast, accurate financial spreading to process credit applications promptly and minimize risk, but existing manual processes can be cumbersome, inaccurate, and slow. We helped a major global bank transform the productivity and accuracy of their financial spreading process with our patented financial spreading software, Spreadsmart.

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Lending Automation Suite

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