Evalueserve Recognized for Diversity and Inclusion by the Government of Chile

The company’s center in Chile, which has team members from over 25 nations, has been awarded the Compromiso Migrante recognition by the government of Chile thanks to its inclusion policies, intercultural approach, and anti-discrimination practices.

ZUG, SWITZERLAND – September 20, 2022 – Evalueserve, a leading global analytics partner to more than 30% of the Fortune 1000, has been awarded the Compromiso Migrante seal by the State of Chile, specifically the National Immigration Service and the Labor Directorate (DT) in conjunction with the International Labor Office (ILO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The company’s Chile office is based in Viña del Mar, Valparaiso. Evalueserve has implemented multiple best practices around workplace diversity and inclusion and is the only company in the Valparaiso region to obtain this recognition.

“We see Evalueserve as an employer of choice,” said Nand Gangwani, Chief Operating Officer of Evalueserve. “The Compromiso Migrante award acknowledges significant efforts made by our leadership, Human Resources, and Compliance teams, locally and across the globe, to build a workplace that any team member can prosper in. Evalueserve is committed to continuing to strengthen our programs to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

“We believe that it is essential to have policies and practices that promote an inclusive workplace,” said Carolina Zamora, Head of Latin American Operations for Evalueserve. “We want our team members — current, new, and potential — to be part of this organizational culture. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to develop professionally regardless of a person’s nationality, background, gender, or any other aspect of their identity.”

Currently, the company’s operations in Chile have over 550 employees of 25 different nationalities, illustrating the company’s inclusion, intercultural approach, and non-discrimination practices within its internal structures, management, and approach to the larger in-country ecosystem. The Compromiso Migrante program seeks to contribute to an inclusive, intercultural, and non-discriminatory Chile by promoting good practices regarding the work of Chilean and foreign people in institutions, companies, and associations throughout the country.

To learn more about Evalueserve’s career opportunities, visit Evalueserve’s careers page here: https://www.evalueserve.com/careers/.


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