Global Standardization in Competitive Intelligence with Kory Weisman

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Global standardization of the competitive intelligence function is an important hurdle for many large, complex organizations to overcome. Global standardization comes with countless benefits; it facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration across geographies, eliminates redundant data collection efforts, allows for scalable, efficient operations, and, most importantly, provides a comprehensive view of the market across regions, enabling better decision-making. 

In this episode of Decisions Now, Kory Weisman, Director of Global Commercial Excellence at Clarios, joins host Erin Pearson, Evalueserve’s VP of Marketing, to discuss how Clarios standardized its competitive intelligence efforts worldwide. Clarios is a prominent low-voltage battery supplier powering one in three of the world’s vehicles.  

In this installment, Kory and Erin discuss:  

  • Challenges encountered in standardizing competitive intelligence across the globe. 
  • The benefits Clarios has seen from transitioning to a global structure. 
  • The importance of collaboration and strategic alignment across a large organization. 
  • How to encourage buy-in and adoption of an initiative across various teams. 

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