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Financial Data Hub for Valuation Comps

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Financial Data Hub for Bankers Comprising of Trading Comps and Benchmarking Data

Compsbuilder is a web-based self-service portal that offers custom built trading/transaction comps outputs and benchmarking outputs. Clients get access to data in their bank’s look & feel, which conform to specific team and sector methodologies as well. Clients can shortlist companies or deals using the smart select feature to search on a  variety of criteria, including industry, enterprise value, and region. The platform also allows client teams to preview, customize, and share portfolios by accessing data that is centrally maintained, along with the source files used to update it. 

Say goodbye to duplication of efforts, fragmented data, accessibility, inconsistency, and inefficient processes for maintaining financial data with Compsbuilder.


Avoid duplication of comps across sectors and regions.


Configure your own comps models and output templates.


All your comps maintained by global teams are available 24/7 on your desktop. 

Knowledge Management

Use comps data for a variety of analytics e.g., benchmarking. 

Our Advantage

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Hours saved in one year

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Reduction in duplicate work

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Reduction in template maintenance

Streamlines Maintenance of Comps Universe

See how your portfolio is performing without even downloading the actual model from the platform.  

  • Eliminates the need for bankers to maintain bulky Microsoft Excel trading comps models
  • Standardizes and reduces the number of templates required to maintain comps universe
  • Allows for the creation of new deal-specific custom comps at the click of a button

Always Available Comps

Download the latest financial data, anytime using Compsbuilder, eliminating the time and need to request assistance from an offshore team. 

  • Intuitive interface to select comps, collate the data and customize their outputs.
  • Quickly generates comps and benchmarking outputs on the fly, anywhere, anytime.

Leverage Data for Multiple Analytics

Quickly create customized outputs based on the deals  you are working on and share it with the deal team. 

  • Collect financial data once and cross leverage it for multiple purposes in the future.
  • Wide variety of financial analyses by leveraging stored data in financial data hub.

Quickly and Easily Audit Financials and Operating KPIs

Compsbuilder is capable of handling different sector nuances while consistently providing accurate, applicable outputs. 

  • Smart tagging of source documents and cell comments to provide relevant backups for reliable and easy auditing.
  • Central data hub stores financial/operating metrics data in a granular form and in a functional database, which results in the ability to crossleverage data for various outputs. 

Reference Case

Boost Efficiency with Fully Automated Financial Spreading

Banks depend on fast, accurate financial spreading to process credit applications promptly and minimize risk, but existing manual processes can be cumbersome, inaccurate and slow.

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