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Sustainable nonfinancial risk framework with growing complexity


Transform the Way You Manage Nonfinancial Risk

On the back of growing uncertainty in the business world coupled with geopolitical and regulatory changes, effective management of nonfinancial risks is becoming ever more important. 

While nonfinancial risks are more qualitative in nature compared to financial risks, the biggest challenge is driven by rapid developments in technology and the extensive data that need to be incorporated into the risk management process.

Throwing more resources at the increasing complexity won’t solve the problem. Evalueserve’s approach maximizes efficiency and effectiveness by implementing the latest technology to tackle copious structured and unstructured data, combined with domain expertise to best define holistic business rules and processes.

Siloed and layered processes and controls

As the organization and the business landscape get complicated, more processes and controls have been added on top of each other.

Processing massive sets of data

The sheer amount of data, both structured and unstructured, that need to be processed is growing exponentially.

Need for holistic management of nonfinancial risks

Banks need to integrate non-financial risk into their holistic risk management framework.

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Reference Case

Leverage Analytics to Boost Operational Risk Management

Wealth management and investment management teams are under increased pressure to perform combined analytics as part of operational risk management. This is due to demands for analytical rigor from regulatory authorities such as FINRA. We helped a US bank to proactively identify and manage bad actor risk, improve name screening for AML monitoring, and maintain financial advisor compliance.  

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