MRM Raptor

Test Interpretation Automation for Model Risk Management

Low-touch test interpretation and documentation software built by MRM experts for MRM experts.

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MRM Raptor

Why automate test interpretation?

Model use at large banks is growing by more than 20% each year, according to IDC. As financial institutions use more, highly-complex models to drive major decisions, they expose themselves to more model risk and mounting regulatory pressures.


From SR 11-7 to CP6/22, regulatory bodies are forcing model risk management (MRM) teams to improve model governance, actively prevent model misuse and deterioration, and address the potential negative consequences.


In response, MRM teams are not only revisiting their workforce strategies but also exploring new technologies and automation. However, most products in the market attempt to automate the entire MRM workflow, which requires heavy integrations with your data, algorithms, and environment.


Our experts built MRM Raptor to automate a common bottleneck - test interpretation and documentation -  without interfering with your existing modeling environment.


Apply low-touch automation. We don’t interfere with your modeling processes, testing environment, or underlying datasets.

Speed & Scale

Accelerate and scale your model review capacity. Auto-interpret test results and generate documentation up to 40% faster with just a few clicks.

Accurate & Consistent

Standardize your reporting. Easily import your templates and taxonomy for uniform reporting.

Automate Test Result Interpretation

With frequent model reviews, quants spend long hours pouring over test results and collating insights. It's extremely repetitive and time-consuming, leaving their core skillsets underemployed. Our product automatically interprets test results. We set it up so you can continue to execute tests within your own environment and send relevant results to MRM Raptor via an API. This helps scale model review capacity, without upending established processes.

Auto-Generate Standardized Documentation

Manual documentation can be inconsistent and miss the mark on specific regulatory requirements. MRM Raptor automatically generates technical content to populate your templates. It's designed to be extremely configurable and agile, so you can easily update new templates, import your taxonomy, and generate standardized documentation. Once a report is produced, analysts can use our visual editor to collaborate on any final adjustments before sending it off to internal audit and regulators.

Get Guidance from MRM Experts

Beyond MRM Raptor, clients look to us for guidance on their broader automation strategies. Sometimes, the first step is process reengineering, and we have MRM teams who can enhance and scale your existing workstreams. Others are looking to implement and optimize automation technology. With decades of experience in MRM, our experts can guide you along your automation journey.

Industry Insight

Managing Financial Risk in Models

While data can certainly be used to keep financial organizations informed and reduce their exposure to risk, it is important to consider what sort of data is most useful and what is the most effective way of gathering and using it. Not all data or all data management systems are equal. 

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