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Aditi Ghosh

Communications Specialist at The University of British Columbia

Aditi Ghosh

Evalueserve Made Me the Person I am Today

I worked at Evalueserve as an editor in the CaPS team from 2013 to 2015. I joined the company at a time when I was still trying to understand my true professional calling. Being a people’s person, I always knew that I wanted a people-centric career – Evalueserve gave me that platform.

Although my core role entailed business writing and editing for Evalueserve’s various verticals, I discovered a new facet of my role: business writing training. What was at first a part of my professional objective soon became something I grew to love immensely, not only creating training content but also delivering them and connecting with colleagues across teams. I did not have formal experience, but nothing made me happier than playing a role in a colleague’s corporate orientation and shaping their Evalueserve experience.

I was fortunate to meet some wonderful colleagues during my tenure at Evalueserve. I often reminisce over how many of them feared the editorial team, worried about the feedback they would receive on their writing style! I still remember the countless times I sent documents back for rework! That is where training played such a crucial role. I realized that I wanted to partner with my colleagues to help them enhance their communication. I never knew I could deliver training sessions in a classroom setup. But the more I did, the more I realized that my true calling lay in a communication generalist role.

If I could turn back time and tell myself something on the day I joined Evalueserve, it would be: “Take your time to figure out what you love to do.” Needless to say, my biggest professional achievement was building connections across practices, many of which remain strong and alive to this day. Hindsight is the best teacher, and I realize that although performance evaluations are a part of the formal process of growth within a company, my biggest takeaway continues to be the relationships built through various experiences at Evalueserve.

I eventually moved into the realm of internal communication and consulting, which was a natural and logical progression into the exciting world of communication. Evalueserve was a vital step in the ladder, and enabled me to build a fulfilling personal and professional future. My Evalueserve journey was a rollercoaster ride of learning. It helped me understand that my love for words, when combined with my love for people, could help me chart out my career path. I am grateful for the opportunities it gave me to become the person I am today.

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