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Irfan Ahmad

Finance Lead for Business, Industrial, and Scientific Supplies at Amazon

A Place that Creates Brilliant Memories

I worked at Evalueserve from February 2006 to June 2011. It was my first job and I couldn’t have hoped for a better start!

I have so many brilliant memories of my days at Evalueserve, that it’s tough to pick one to talk about. Ironically, my fondest recollections are from 2008-09 – the time when the world economy was crashing. I was working as an analyst for a mid-sized American bank that was under tremendous financial pressure. We all feared we might lose our jobs. However, the team camaraderie at Evalueserve was such that it rarely stressed us out. For months following the crash, we worked around the clock to support our client, who was facing service disruptions and job losses in almost every area of operations. Eventually, the bank was acquired by another big player, but our entire team was retained to work for the new owning entity. We came out of the crisis stronger than before and with experiences that shaped our careers and lives.

Evalueserve not just gave me a great launchpad to start my career but also coworkers that remain friends to this day.

Irfan Ahmed


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