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Maria Jouravleva

Due Diligence Researcher

Maria Jouravleva

My time here at Evalueserve has so far been very positive. I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to develop and grow in my career.

I joined Evalueserve because I was impressed with its important clients in the finance industry and the opportunities it gives its employees to grow professionally, installing processes and teams at top banks. I have always felt supported here during my tenure, which has helped me develop my subject knowledge and people and management skills. I also appreciate Evalueserve’s commitment to work-life balance, which helps me both pursue my career and enjoy my hobbies in my free time. 

I have learned a great deal about the due diligence process and the prevention of money laundering and corruption. I have been confronted with many confusing shareholder structures, which I learned to take apart to find the Ultimate Beneficiaries. I also learned about collaboration tools and how to conduct training. However, I am still learning and growing in the role, and, in due diligence, because regulations change so often, the learning never ends.

I am proud of gaining the trust of my superiors and the client with my work. We have recently grown our team’s numbers, and I was trusted with improving our collaboration systems and welcoming and training new joiners. I was very pleased to receive a promotion that affirmed my work and its impact here.

In my current role, I am a due diligence researcher, which involves report writing and finding reliable sources of information. It also requires that I manage heavy workloads efficiently. Before joining Evalueserve, I completed my master’s degree in economics and politics. From my studies, I know how to conduct in-depth research and have a passion for it. My previous role involved handling many cases at once, which trained me in time management. I believe that the skillset I had already built is immensely useful at Evalueserve, and I am further developing and refining it here.

Finally, a big part of my job here is researching country-specific information using the different languages I am fluent in (Russian, German, English). I moved from Russia to Germany when I was 8 years old and later to England when I was 16. My mother tongues that I learned throughout my life had a big influence on my decision to take on a role where I can use them daily. With my diverse background, Evalueserve was the perfect company to preserve my roots and start a new career.

I appreciate how the company helps clients ethically conduct business, as we help them discover reputational, environmental, and money laundering issues, to name a few. I think in our capitalist society and mindset, there is an increasing focus on profit rather than the impact a single deal could have on the environment, people, or crime levels. I feel like my job is part of the process to find out and reflect on the impact a business deal could have in a broader sense. It also lays the groundwork that helps the client install the proper controls to defend against potential money launderers or people/companies that could use the financial system to their advantage.  

Moving forward in my career at Evalueserve, I want to help the company grow and maintain its good reputation, gain more subject knowledge, and improve my management skills. I hope to continue to progress in my career while maintaining the same motivation, curiosity, and work-life balance that got me to this point.

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