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Neera Tamta

Manager at Goods & Services Tax Network

A Roller Coaster Ride

From 2007 to 2009, Evalueserve was a roller coaster ride filled with fun and excitement. Each day was full of enough challenges to keep me motivated to go back to work with vigor.

As an HR business partner for the Investment Research team, I learnt some important leadership lessons back in 2009, in the early years of my professional career. Until then, terms like ‘thinking on the feet’ and ‘thought leadership’ were merely jargon for me. By the time I left Evalueserve, I could actually spot the difference in my thought process and my approach to a problem statement.

My sojourn took a pleasant turn when I decided to follow my dreams as a trainer / facilitator. As a behavioral skills facilitator, I always vouch for ‘learning by doing’ – and that is what I actually learnt at Evalueserve. What’s more, my stint equipped me well and enabled me to pull out appropriate incidents from my repertoire to use as simulation exercises during sessions. 

Neera Tamta


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