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Sonia Rawat

Group Manager, Compliance & Data Protection

Great Things from the Very First Moment

While setting out to write my story, I felt a smile on my lips and a deep sense of pride as I reflected on everything I have learned while working with Evalueserve. My experience so far has been incredible!

To be honest, I was unsure when I was joining – I was not just changing my profile but my career too…. Although I joined with a little uncertainty, I started experiencing great things from the very first moment. My colleagues’ warm and friendly welcome made me comfortable from day one. I realized I had joined a super-talented team and an amazing organization.

My 6.5 years in this organization have passed so swiftly! Not only have I grown as a professional but also as an individual in these years. I have met many charismatic seniors and leaders, as well as colleagues. I consider myself fortunate to have such brilliant, inspiring, and passionate co-workers, who always work towards excellence, endorse the spirit of teamwork, and inculcate a culture of equality and opportunity for everyone.

Evalueserve has supported me through my ups and downs, I experienced motherhood during my tenure in the organization. I am so happy and content that I never missed a milestone in my daughter’s life; she has now turned 5. I have always had the liberty to balance my work and life, which helped me play all my roles perfectly. I also went through a tough phase when I was on the verge of losing a dear one in my family. Evalueserve outlived my expectations by supporting me in every manner I could have wished for.

Not the least, I am gratified with my work and the growth and success I have had. I am able to undertake all my personal and professional duties without any stress and without compromising on my ethics, interest, and choices.

I am grateful for these years full of encouragement and appreciation. Evalueserve’s positive culture and my amazing mentors’ guidance make me love my job even more every day. I am proud to be part of an organization where each day is a fresh day, every work brings new learnings, and every error makes you more focused.

Sonia Rawat


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