Breaking through the Limitations of Intelligence: Insightsfirst

Staying ahead of competitors in an everchanging landscape, is something that many organizations find themselves struggling with. Up until recently, organizations only worried about what was happening in their industry but the co-mingling of digital platforms, data analytics, mobile capabilities, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other emerging technologies are broadening the scope of what organizations need to stay on top of. As a result, organizations have been flooded and overwhelmed by of all sorts of intelligence gathering tools. With each touting that they are the best choice, it can be tricky finding the best tool that helps organizations both navigate through the clutter and achieve their goals.

Traditional intelligence can’t keep up with the needs of organizations anymore. Sporadically receiving insights without a set schedule, introducing insights with no correlation to each other and under-utilizing different data sources is pushing traditional intelligence to the wayside. Organizations need intelligence that is consistent, thorough and fast. Having up-to-the minute intelligence gives organizations the power to not only pursue opportunities, but to also prepare for threats ahead of time. Intelligence should also be focused on converting internal and external information into actionable insights that can make a positive change to the user.

Introducing Evalueserve’s Insightsfirst—a market and competitive intelligence platform that harnesses the power of your internal knowledge and external information to generate strategic insights, delivered to the right stakeholders at the right time. It is the cornerstone of all the ‘Insights Program’ delivered by Evalueserve. 

A lot of organizations have leveraged the effective Insights provided by Evalueserve’s platform led insights program to: 

  • Spot opportunities for growth such as finding new sources of revenue, finding and appealing to new clients, and refining their processes and approaches. By taking an integrated approach towards payments intelligence, a global payment service provider was able to identify and take timely action on relevant, recent, and valuable opportunities in the payments market. Read more about this case here
  • Increase market presence, achieve consistency through a robust strategy development process, and broaden stakeholder bandwidth. An industrial goods company leveraged Insightsfirst’s robust and comprehensive data collections, rigorous analysis, and dynamic visualizations of relevant information to accelerate and unify key marketing and strategy solutions. Read more about this case here
  • Quickly respond to threats and stay ahead of competitors by monitoring innovative technologies, products and ingredient trends. A personal care giant used Insightsfirst to take a proactive stance on industry trends and innovations which enabled them to plan and act ahead of competitors. Insightsfirst’s AI-powered elements helped facilitate a comprehensive data gathering process from 10 geographic locations across the globe. Read more about this case here
Shwetam Sinha
Vice President | Head, TMT, Logistics, Consumer Good Practice & Digital Platforms Posts
Smriti Singh
Associate Vice President, TMT Practice & Digital Platforms Posts

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