A cloud-based platform to take your market, competitive and sales intelligence to the next level

Insightsfirst helps you set up systematic and centralized intelligence programs and delivers actionable insights using our unique mind+machine approach. Our platform centralizes your intelligence activities to improve dissemination of strategy-driving insights and ensures timely responses to emerging threats and opportunities with automated monitoring and alerts.

Evalueserve Insightsfirst

Provides you with the perfect 360º view of your target market, product, industry, and competitors
Delivers actionable insights to help your team understand and act on sales opportunities when they emerge
The Evalueserve Insightsfirst Platform addresses the growing need for centralized and systematic market and competitive intelligence programs

Robotic Process Automation

Leverage RPA to gather data for analysis by domain experts to gain timely and impactful insights

Up to 30% faster turnaround

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Get regular, real-timealerts with strategic insights on emerging threats and opportunities

Anytime, anywhere access


Give global access to teams across all business functions and geographies looking for strategy-driving insights

Multilingual capabilities

Customizable &

Easily create new visualizations that meet your requirements with new dashboard technology

Database plug-ins


Go beyond traditional delivery formats with a highly interactive cloud-based platform

CRM integration
What sets Insightsfirst apart

Cloud-based platform

Offers full-time, on-the-go access through web login and mobile application

Real-time tracking and comprehensive coverage

Monitors over 10 000 structured and unstructured data sources in

Custom interactive visualized insights

Provides fast, uncluttered and relevant mind+machine insights

Predefined library of analytical frameworks and modules

Enables instant dashboard creation with up to 40% efficiency gains

Multilingual support

Supports more than 10 world languages

CRM integration

Equips sales and marketing teams with a CRM-integrated workflow