A dynamic insights platform

Insightsfirst - Our Insightsfirst platform provides you the insights you need to drive sales, fine-tune your marketing and sharpen up your strategies

You receive accurate, up-to-the-minute B2B intelligence, verified by our analysts and tailored to your needs.

And our advanced Report Seeker automatically gathers market data and signals far more quickly than manual processes.

A dynamic insights platform

Insightsfirst platform puts actionable intelligence on your fingertips to support your sales, marketing & strategy business functions
Gather contextual information
Identify relevant information
Validate and add business insights
Push insights for end users
Optimise algorithms based on end-user feedback

Platform features

Insightsfirst provides you the right solutions to thoroughly understand the industry landscape, engage more deeply with your accounts and keep a track of your key competitors.

News Alerts
Trigger-based qualified events in real time, customised to your requirements.
Opportunity Alerts
A continuous flow of trigger-based qualified leads, tailored to your own sales goals.
Custom Reports
Reports curated by our efficient Report Seeker and further enhanced by experts to help you make smarter business decisions.

Industry Storyboards

Insightsfirst platform tracks over 10,000 sources everyday, to reveal the hidden industry intelligence for you to understand, participate, and act!

Industry News
Monitor relevant market developments and latest updates from your focus industry, with our targeted news feeds optimised to your business requirements.
Industry Opportunities
Empower your sales team with prioritised business opportunities and actionable insights within your target industry segments.
Thematic Analysis Reports
Receive customised thematic reports with the major segment trends, tips for proven business strategy, highlights of new resources and technologies, and “what’s there in the market for you” sections.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Insightsfirst’s unique ABM solution helps you to precisely target best-fit accounts, better engage prospects at scale and efficiently align your sales and marketing functions.
We use our digital platform, backed by cutting-edge technology and expert consultations, to unlock everything you need to know about your existing and potential key accounts.

Account-Based Newsletter
Uncover the latest events within your key accounts with our curated account-based news intelligence.
Account-Based Opportunities
Accelerate sales in your target accounts with the latest opportunities and details of key decision-makers.
Account Development Plan
Build effective account strategies and tactical plans for opportunity execution with comprehensive account dynamics.
Executive Profile
Strengthen your professional network with in-depth analysis of individual executive's roles, experience, education, awards and public appearances.

Competitive Intelligence (CI)

To win deals, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Our CI solution puts you at the negotiating table before your rivals even know the opportunity exists.

We bring you a range of actionable signals, from real-time competitor news alerts to business activity profiles and product benchmarking, to help you secure first-mover advantage.

Competitor Tracking
Stay ahead of the pack with real-time intelligence on your competitors' recent updates and innovations.
Competitor Battlecard
Secure a competitive advantage with an in-depth assessment of your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses and strategic profiles.
Product Battlecard
Benchmark your performance against industry standards and make better strategic decisions with a detailed matrix comparing your offerings against competitors’.