Get your patent searches done while your team explores the world this summer

Why not let us cover your patent search workload while you and your team is travelling this summer? As you may know, Evalueserve IPR&D Solutions is the market leader in quality-focused IPR&D search, intelligence and IP prosecution services putting hundreds of analysts and consultants at your disposal just when you need it most.

It’s inevitable. New, lucrative opportunities come in the door, or important clients need input on their next major project, just as several employees are about to leave for their summer vacation. When you have reduced capacity in your firm – make your problem go away. Instead of turning down the opportunity, or asking for an unpopular extension, perhaps we can help you to say ‘Yes.’

Before leaving on vacation, brief Evalueserve searchers to do high-quality large clearance or freedom-to-operate searches, identify prior art for your validity search, or initiate a complex patent landscape or innovation intelligence. We’ll have the results ready for you on your return.

The Evalueserve IPR&D team is unique in having a large, inhouse research development and innovation intelligence team. We are dedicated to improving quality in patent search and analytics while optimizing digital, industrialized intellectual property prosecution services.

So, let us share our skills and capacity with you when you need us most! If you have any question and/or a project request, contact us at:

We wish you all an adventurous summer break!

The Evalueserve IPR&D team

P.S. Please note the Information Adventurers Blog is also going on summer vacation to come back in autumn with new thought-provoking and insightful topics at the intersection between data science and the information needs of IP and R&D teams. If you haven’t seen all our blog posts yet? Find out more during the break at: Visit 


Urs Dommann

Urs Dommann, who heads up IP and R&D Solutions at Evalueserve, is passionate about improving knowledge processes and data science to optimize quality in patent search, and is a regular speaker on this topic at IP Service World. Urs and his team created the Information Adventures blog after recognizing that moving through the complex world of data and information in IP or R&D is like venturing high into the mountains or other seemingly uncharted territory – something he loves to do in the Swiss Alps near Zurich where he lives. He’s enjoying using the blog to share theories, insights about IP and R&D, and starting a conversation as a basis of exploring – together with clients – new paths to success.

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