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Explore thought-provoking and insightful pieces on the intersection between data science and the information needs within IPR&D Search and Intelligence, Landscaping and other services.

Learn about knowledge processes of IPR&D teams and get an expert view on hot topics such as quality of search, applying the right mix of mind and machine to it and digital innovation around processes such as patent preparation and prosecution as well. Moreover see best practice of answering client use cases in IPR&D including opinion pieces, client cases studies and also sample deliverables.

What is a good IP and R&D search?
Part 3: The searcher’s dilemma

Much of the value offered by IP search services is helping customers to identify the most relevant data sources, without getting distracted by the irrelevant. But this can come at a cost. Urs Dommann and Ashutosh Pande explain the searcher’s dilemma.

What is a good IP and R&D search?
Part 2: How to find and clone the ‘perfect searcher’

If you could clone the ‘perfect searcher’, what kind of personality, experience and profile would you specify to optimize patent search quality? Urs Dommann reflects on the human factors of knowledge management, and how machines fill the inevitable gaps.

What is a good IP and R&D search?
Part 1: “The perfect Search”

Is it possible to deliver a perfect IP and R&D search, i.e., a novelty or validity search that finds 100% of the relevant documents? Urs Dommann tells the story of seeing it achieved and explains why the method can’t be repeated.

Introducing the Information Adventurers blog

The Head of Evalueserve’s IPR&D business Urs Dommann launches our Information Adventurers blog with a fundamental and provocative question. What constitutes a good IP and R&D search or intelligence?

How to be a trusted partner for a company’s IP department

High-volume tasks like docketing can become overwhelming, meaning work on patent analytics and designing new services can suffer. BASF’s IP group has decided to work with Evalueserve. Why does outsourcing such sensitive work require a lot of trust?