Competition and macrotrends tracker to inform client’s strategy for customer industries


Evalueserve guided a client by setting a competitor intelligence monitor and macrotrends observer programme to help them understand how their customers across target industries are achieving energy transition with help from the client’s competitors. With a massive uptick in the prospects of clean energy, there is a lot of disruption taking place in this space.

Challenges for major players in energy are coming not only from their traditional competitors, but also from new entrants that have specific innovations that could be threats to our client’s interests. In addition, with the scope of energy expanding in multiple directions, it becomes particularly challenging for industry players operating in a multitude of adjacent industries.

Hence, it becomes imperative for major players in the space to keep track of every news, development, competitor move, and analyse the utility of each to inform their own strategies towards the intended customer industries.

The Challenge

Recently, Evalueserve had the opportunity to work with a valued client, which is a major player in the energy and decarbonisation space. The client operates in a dynamic market that is constantly witnessing new competitors, the challenges of competition in adjacent value chains, as well as from unique business models and disruptive innovations within the space. Hence, with the goal of understanding the activities with which their competition is enabling the transition, the client had the following requirements.

Client Requirements:

Through this project, the client aimed for Evalueserve to deploy a structured competitive intelligence tracker to:

  • Monitor the dynamics of competitors’ positioning and activities across their B2B customer sub-industries
  • Analyse competitors’ strategic moves and identify potential play areas for the client
  • Pre-empt the impact of the competition’s activity on a target sub-industry, conduct analysis to plan and inform client’s response
  • Specific industries covered in this program include Cement, Steel, Gas, Power, Electrical Equipment & Machinery, Industrial Tools, Tyre Manufacturers and B2B E-Mobility solutions (CaaS, E-Fleet solutions), with the flexibility to expand the scope of coverage to other industries, as well

Our Solution

The requirements led us to leverage our team’s expertise in creating insights to support the client in identifying competitive threats, emerging solutions and potential opportunities based on the customer’s needs. The requirements prompted our team of experts to identify the following delivery areas:

  • Keep a track of latest developments, technology improvements and alternate low-carbon solutions for the focused industries and sub-industries
  • Track the progress the client’s traditional competitors have made and the inroads those have resulted in, within the customer industries
  • Identify upcoming non-traditional competitors and technology breakthroughs
  • Understand what the customer industries are seeking and identify opportunities based on that

Based on the delivery areas, our team determined this project required the understanding and a constantly updated knowledge of various energy-adjacent industries and sub-industries. Hence, the Evalueserve Insightsfirst AI-enabled intelligence platform was utilised to deliver a thorough and efficient analysis of the identified areas. Accordingly, our experts have been developing the following critical insights for our client on a periodic basis:

  • News Alerts

Delivered as a summary newsletter focussing on weekly news and events from each of the identified sub-industries, along with insights on each development. The newsletter is divided into these sections: top highlights, competitor moves, customer trends, market insight, and regulatory activity.

  • Macrotrends Observer

Presenting a pro-active early identification report of opportunities and threats based on analysis of top macrotrends within identified sub-industries to inform effective, responsive strategy recalibration for the client.

  • Competitor Analysis

Insights on key competitor activity in each identified sub-industry, with an expert analysis to translate the activity’s potential impact on the client, from the perspective of the competitor’s rationale and strategy behind the activity, future impact assessment on the competitor’s business.

All the above data is assimilated, analysed, and presented to the client in the form of documents, ranging in respective periodicity from weekly to quarterly reports. Additionally, virtual discussions are held on a quarterly basis with the client’s marketing team representing the covered industries. During the meetings, we address any additional queries and feedback, as well as identify opportunities for future deliverables.

Business Impact

Using this methodology, and powered by our needs-tailored process, the team delivered on the following high impact areas for our client:

360-degree Competition tracking

Continuous tracking of competitor activity across the focus value chains to synthesise the insights enabling informed decision making for client.

Deep-dive analysis

Delivering deep insights synthesised by overlaying activity alerts and trends with analysis by Evalueserve’s domain experts.

Early risk assessment

Leveraging insight generation frameworks for early identification of risks emanating from tech disruptors.

Opportunity Identification

Analytics-driven insights to pinpoint play areas for our client within solutions popular in specific customer industries.

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