AI-Enhanced Library Services Support for a Leading Global Investment Bank


Evalueserve provided library services support to the global offices of a leading investment bank headquartered in Switzerland. Our combination of industry experts and AI-powered tools enabled us to increase efficiency, improve quality, and provide cost savings.  

The Challenge

The bank needed help managing its vast repository of financial data, research materials, and market intelligence. The previous service provider and internal teams struggled to keep up with the volume of requests, leading to delays and reduced efficiency. Additionally, the high cost of maintaining databases and limited coverage hours for global offices were areas that required attention.

Our Solution

Evalueserve assembled a dedicated team of 75 researchers specialized in managing financial research and data. Equipped with automated solutions, including our proprietary workflow management tool, Researchstream, this expert team handled an impressive 90,000 requests annually, providing support across more than 30 countries. The researchers utilized over 50 databases to gather valuable insights from diverse sources. Evalueserve also offered support in multiple languages, including English, Mandarin, and Japanese, to cater to the bank's global reach.

Upon taking over the engagement, Evalueserve substantially improved the library services, streamlining operations and enhancing overall productivity. The key operational enhancements included:

1.      Proprietary Workflow Tool: Evalueserve introduced Researchstream, a workflow tool that improved turnaround time for requests and enhanced the quality of deliverables.

2.   Extended Coverage Hours: Evalueserve introduced 24/6 coverage, with 18-hour coverage on Sundays, ensuring round-the-clock support for the bank’s global offices in different time zones.

3.     Complex Request Execution: The Evalueserve team adeptly handled all complex requests, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of information and research.

4.     Market Data Management and Database Evaluations: Evalueserve effectively managed market data and conducted evaluations of various databases, optimizing the use of information sources.

Business Impact

The partnership with Evalueserve resulted in remarkable improvements in the bank’s library services. The post-transition outcomes were as follows:

1.      35%+ Higher Volumes: Evalueserve efficiently managed a 35% increase in request volumes while maintaining high-quality output.

2.    Substantial Cost Savings: Leveraging alternative sources and effective knowledge management, Evalueserve delivered annual savings of over US$ 1 million on database costs.

3.      Enhanced Quality: The services provided by Evalueserve exhibited better quality, as verified by banker feedback.

4.      Enhanced Coverage Hours: With 24/6 support, the bank’s global offices received continuous assistance, enabling them to operate seamlessly across different time zones

5.      Output-Based Pricing Advantage: The transition to output-based pricing brought cost transparency and flexibility, allowing the bank to optimize expenses based on the services utilized.

6.      Improved Turnaround Time: Implementing a proprietary workflow tool significantly reduced response times, ensuring prompt delivery of information and research.


Through its exemplary Library Services Support built on industry expertise and automation, Evalueserve effectively addressed the challenges a leading global investment bank faces, transforming its library operations into a highly efficient and cost-effective endeavor. The partnership increased productivity, saved substantial costs, and improved quality, solidifying Evalueserve's position as a valuable knowledge process outsourcing partner for the bank’s global operations.

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